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Travelling with toddler in lyft

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 Posted 4 years, 1 month ago

Whenever i book a shared ride in lyft i always select rider as just me even though i have my 3 years old son with me. No driver has taken any objection on this. Today a driver cancelled our ride saying i enterrd incorrect number of riders. I am not sure what i was doing till now was wrong, if so why no one corrected me. I checked their policy nothing mentioned for toddlers. Any idea who was wrong here.


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     4 years ago

    If you're taking a Lyft shared ride, you need to indicate the actual number of riders in your party, regardless of age.  

    The reason for this is that the 3 year old toddler is still required to be in a car seat, which occupies one of the available seats in the car.  What do you do if you have 3 other paying customer assigned to that shared trip?  Who should eat that loss?  

    All things considered, you're probably best off just order a regular Lyft ride.