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  • Thanks for the reply. No, we are not and we don't want to collect on your driver referral bonus since you use your own code. We don't charge you to use the site either. I have been a driver for almost a year. I just like the ability to post my codes on a tablet to give my passengers information on how they can get free rides, free food or help them sign up for Uber/Lyft. if I have the tablet on the backseat, they simply take pictures of the codes they like while I focus on my driving. 

  • I agree with this post. Not every driver is just a driver.

    We have new software that helps drivers create and make a post on a tablet or to their own cell phones.  You can make

    a slideshow of post/content to share with your passengers. Anything from your driver referral code, UberEats code for free food as a thank you,  

    a web page of your jewelry that you sell on the side. The passengers simply take pictures of the codes they like from the tablet. No need to do a hard sell since the

    tablet sells itself.  We are just getting some feedback from drivers and passengers alike to improve upon. Here is our link to our beta version site. Thank you.