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Would you use this software if it could help you get more driver referral$$$?

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 Posted 5 years, 10 months ago

Hello Ride Guru Drivers,

I'm a current Lyft driver and I been using this website to help me generate more driver referrals and post things that might interest my passengers. 

The software is pretty simple to use. I simply create a post of anything I want to share with my passengers. All drivers will want to share a different post and information with their passengers. I share my uber/Lyft driver referral code. Both of which can be used to get free ride credits or to sign up new Lyft/Uber drivers. I also post my UberEats code that is good for up to $15 in free food for new UberEats customers. I also get a lot of tourists to ask me about all the cool bars and restaurants around town. 

This is how the Lyft banner example looks like

This is the view my passengers get of my tablet  

This is our YouTube Video

Anyways, you can post anything that you think would help your passengers out. You can even post other side hustle information and network to get new clients. Maybe you do real estate or A/C or water heater repair/replacement. You can get as creative as possible. 

We simply want some feedback. 

Check out our Beta version site for Free




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     5 years ago

    Wait, I am confused.  Aren't you the one trying to collect referral fee?   If you do, I can't, right?  So how would I make money through your website?

    I am sniffing a pyramid scheme.

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      OP 14 Driver
       5 years ago

      Thanks for the reply. No, we are not and we don't want to collect on your driver referral bonus since you use your own code. We don't charge you to use the site either. I have been a driver for almost a year. I just like the ability to post my codes on a tablet to give my passengers information on how they can get free rides, free food or help them sign up for Uber/Lyft. if I have the tablet on the backseat, they simply take pictures of the codes they like while I focus on my driving.