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Bling, bling... can you make more money by promoting your side hustle business than driving itself?

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 Posted 5 years, 11 months ago

I’m a big fan of leveraging your status as a rideshare driver for business & networking opportunities.  I think everyone should be doing it or at least thinking about it.  Today, RSG contributor, Joe Strandell 

This is a great article and I wanted to follow up on a similar post. This article Is a great example of the potential opportunities that arise while doing Ridesharing. Gavin has a love for jewelry. You may be passionate about coaching new drivers or growing your real estate business while you drive part-time.  

You may have read about this story on Forbes recently: Gavin Escolar earned $252,000 as an Uber driver last year. Originally from the Philippines, Gavin immigrated and now serves the San Francisco area with his high-end jewelry business.

"Passengers want to know who you are, not to be sold to. I inform my passengers on what I do. I also want to let them know what my inspirations are. I let my passengers pick up on my signals and make my jewelry the focal point of the conversation."


We are currently trying to get feedback from drivers. Feel free try out our beta version of our site. Our software will help you leverage your status as a ridesharing driver by helping you share what you are passionate about. Jewelry included. 



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     5 years ago

    There are lots of side hustles to make money, but your big question is whether you can make more money doing those than driving itself.  Maybe it was meant to be rhetorical, but I will answer to that.

    I have tried many of these side hustles, including delivering foods (UberEats), in-cabin advertisements (Vugo), "cargo" type setup where I sell food, and selling umbrellas and ponchos.

    None of them came close to making as much as driving someone.  

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     5 years ago

    I have read of drivers who say they do it to meet people and potential clients.  I guess they are actors or musicians or something in San Francisco.  I heard their purpose for driving wasn't making money but just creating leads and opportunities through this platform. 

    ...or at least so they said.  It may just be a story.  ...because it sounds kinda cool.

    Now that I come to thin about it. You know, that jewler guy who made $250K a year.  It doesn't take long to realize Uber got him the contacts, and he wasn't just selling jewelry out of the trunk of his car...

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       5 years ago

      So basically, you are saying Uber was the way he created his network and found his prospective buyers.  

      Networking.  I never thought of that.