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    passenger cancelling ride

    So I've started taking Uber more frequently, say 4-5 times a month, and have noticed some things that probably aren't …

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     4 years ago in  Do air fresheners lower ratings?

    I'm going to post this here, because it seems logical place.  

    To answer the OP question:  from me, YES I am going to start reflecting this in my rating, only because I don't see any other way to get the message across.  Floral, cinnamon cookie, cheap yankee candle pine, oh and lets not forget "vanilla" (which people seem to think everyone likes-not!) ....... I've had them all in Uber rides in the last few months -- NASTY.  I get that drivers are sometimes left with assorted forms of nastiness in their cars and have to figure a way to remove or cover the odor, I really do get that, and a lingering detergent or soap smell is understandable. Not necessarily pleasant, but understandable.  I had a driver apologize for the smell of his car when I got in, there was a slight detergent-ish smell, that he'd had to have his car cleaned after a "bad ride" the right before -- totally understandable.  I'm talking about the cars that seem to have a bushel basket of pot pourri under the front seat for ambiance, or get sprayed several times daily with "cinnamon cookie" just because it smells good ....... to YOU maybe, but trust me, not most people.  And the worst is when it appears to have been actually sprayed on the seat.  One time my clothes carried the smell all the way through my flight because on opening the overhead bin, where my overcoat was, someone commented it smelled like cookies.  

    I really don't mean this in a sexist way, but, 100% of the times I've encountered this it was a woman driver .......  ladies please keep your scented candles and pot pourri for your bubble bath.  I don't think I'd be off to say that at least 90% of your rides really don't care for the smell, even "vanilla"  😊  .  

    In all fairness, I did have one male driver who smelled like he'd been doused (or maybe he was spraying it in the car) in Aramis cologne, that was gag inducing also.  (for those of you too young to know, Aramis was a very popular cheap cologne in the 70s and 80s).

    It is a never-ending battle, good smell v bad smell.  Let me end with -- Most of you do a great job!

  • As a rider, I appreciate your attitude and approach, not to mention fully agree with it.  From a rider's perspective -- sometimes I'm busy and this 45 minute ride to the airport can be put to good use (returning calls), sometimes I'm tripping in the middle of a vacay and love chatting and getting local info/tips on the town.  As you said, its my ride, I paid for it.