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passenger cancelling ride

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 Posted 4 years, 8 months ago

So I've started taking Uber more frequently, say 4-5 times a month, and have noticed some things that probably aren't "new", just showing up for me with higher usage........

I am not fully versed in the process of drivers getting fares, but here is what is bothering me:  I put in my destination, click accept my pickup location, then I get a notice my driver (lets call him "Joe") is 4 minutes away and the map shows his location as well as my own.  After several minutes I check the app and it says Joe is 7 minutes away but his location appears the same.  At this point I just watch the app and Joe's car doesn't seem to be moving at all and the "time away" fluctuates a few minutes either way, on one occasion this went on for close to 20 minutes before he finally showed up.  I chose to not say anything and just completed my fare because I couldn't imagine much of an answer that I'd find satisfying after the frustrating wait. Now, I've had a couple of instances where my driver cancelled after accepting......I guess because he didn't like where I was going, or maybe my rating? (I only have a 4.88 rating for reasons unknown to me)  I have been hesitant to cancel a ride from my end, for fear of being slammed or poorly rated but am wondering if cancelling after 5 or 10 minutes would have been acceptable?  

I don't really understand the fine nuances of how drivers accept a fare, but what this felt like, from a rider's perspective,  was a driver who accepted while having his lunch and just sat and finished eating.  


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     2 years ago

    Hello, Its John from SpotnRides.
    If a passenger cancels the Uber ride in middle of a trip, the ride is considered completed at that exact point the cancellation was requested. The passenger will still have to pay to that point and the driver will be compensated.

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     4 years ago

    As long as you cancel in under 5 min you will not be charged. Your rating is fine, a 4.88 isnt bad at all. A driver cant rate you unless they start the trip. The trip isnt started until you get in their vehicle. If Uber gives a time say "5 min away" and the driver is still not there in 10 min I would cancel. You may be hit with a cancel fee but just text Uber and tell them the driver was still not there in 10 min. that no progress was made in him getting to your location.  You can also screenshot a pic of the app showing that the driver was just sitting there after 5 min. Some idiot drivers due this in hopes you cancel and then they get a cancel fee. Uber knows where that driver is at all times and can tell if he was just sitting or was going in wrong direction. The driver may have got a better trip on Lyft accepted that and hoped you would cancel. Totally not fair, unprofessional, and a d!@k move. Unfortunately there are some pretty crappy drivers out there.