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     6 years ago in  2 door car on Uber?

    No, but occasionally it happens.

    Some cars (like the Honda Accord, for example) come in both 2 door coupe & 4 door sedan versions. I think this is the most common explanation for most of the 2 door cars that slip through.

  • I don't know what market you drive in, but in DFW they just cut the UberX rates from $0.67 to $0.60 per mile. Time went up from $0.075 to $0.12 per minute (woohoo :-|)

    We're not making $2/mile or $0.30/minute and we haven't in a long time.

    I'm neutral on completing the ride vs cancelling. I'd rather not waste miles driving around in circles, but I'm also not going to sit there all night hoping the rider eventually shows up. You got to draw the line somewhere. 5:00 minutes is where they drew the line. At 5:01 I'm out.


  • First thing first, was your pickup location accurate? Did you type in the name of the location or the exact address? Did you confirm the dot was in the right location on the map? Were you standing on the dot? Did you look all around you on both sides of the street?

    If you answered yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, then okay, perhaps your driver was in the wrong location. Did you call or text them to try to resolve this?

    If you answered no, then I blame the rider not the driver. Only the rider has control over the pickup location. If you entered the wrong address, if you used your GPS location and your phone thought you were a couple blocks away, if you mis-typed your address, if you clicked the wrong location as you requested....I don't blame the driver for any of that. Hopefully you were charged a cancellation fee to compensate the driver for their time & mileage, and hopefully it reminds you to triple-check your pickup location in the app next time.

  • You sound like the asshole who doesn't tip their server because the restaurant should pay them more.

    You know they are only getting paid $2.13/hr and you know that's not going to change until congress changes the law. 

    So until it changes, tip. Don't be an asshole.

  • I agree, in theory, that the concept of tipping is outdated.

    However, I also realize that in practice my server is only getting paid $2.13/hour so I tip every time. If I don't have enough money to tip, I don't eat out.

    People either don't realize or don't care how big of a cut Uber/Lyft take and how much it costs to keep our cars running.

  • 5-20% is a good range IMO.

    5-10% for an acceptable ride with minor issues.

    15% for a good ride.

    20% for an excellent ride.

  • I don't get angry about it but it is sometimes annoying.

    I think it is mostly because people do usually tip taxi drivers but Uber has trained riders not to tip rideshare drivers, first by telling them "the tip is included" then by telling them "there's no need to tip" after they were sued. People didn't just decide overnight to stop tipping drivers. Uber intentionally discouraged tipping to keep riders spending more of their travel budget on fares & less on tips.

    I also find it annoying when riders promise a tip then don't follow through. But in this case I am more annoyed by the dishonesty than the not tipping itself.

  • Some are bad at math or just aren't properly accounting for their non-cash expenses.

    Some aren't in it for the money. (i.e. Retirees who just want to get out of the house, Realtors looking for leads, Musicians looking for gigs, etc.)

    Others might not have better opportunities or may feel trapped.

    The rest of us have figured the more profitable days/times/areas to drive and/or how to minimize our expenses.

  • Only a few (out of 5000 or so). The last couple I kicked out got irate & vulgar after I politely declined to make a 2AM Whataburger stop. They started berating me and cussing at me. They got 1 warning. They continued. I pulled over & asked them to get out. They refused. I called 911 on speaker to report them tresspassing. They didn't wait around.

    I've also ended several trips when stops exceeded 5 min. Stops are intended to pickup and drop off additional riders, not to run errands or order food. I do not usually agree to stops (unless its slow) and when I do I usually remind them to "make sure they have everything because I'll need to end the trip and move on if they're gone more than a few minutes."

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     6 years ago in  Do you mind if we ask you to drive faster?

    Yes, I mind.

    Uber/Lyft do not reimburse speeding tickets. In fact, too many of those could actually get us deactivated.

    So no, I will not be driving faster...

  • Yes, I insist on loading all luggage every time. I don't want those fuckers scratching my bumper.yell