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     4 years ago in  How do you politely tell a Uber driver to slow down?

    I remember how cabbies used to drive super fast, and I used to think that's because they are trying to get as many rides as possible.  Does that happen with Uber drivers too?  I assume yes?

    If the driver is going over the speed limit, just ask politely, and if he doesn't, just lower the rating.  Worst case, just cancel the ride and get off.  You can always grab another ride. Maybe report it to Uber so you get a refund.

  • I’d like to think most people are decent understand if you explain the previous rider had a service dog. However, I’m sure that’s not true and some would complain  

    We are all in this together folks. 

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     5 years ago in  Uber Destination Mode Paying 30% Less

    You’d turn it off? Isn’t the evil reasoning behind this is that you’d take any ride if it pays more than a dead leg ($0.00)?

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     5 years ago in  Uber Destination Mode Paying 30% Less

    I don’t have the Uber driver app. First time ever seeing something like this  

    I cannot believe they actually spell it out like that!!  And how can they get away like this? Paying them less just because they can. Their claim is that it’s because it’s better then ZERO?   

    And other drivers would get paid for the SAME TRIP?! That’s wrong!

    Do the riders pay less too? Or is Uber taking a bigger portion?

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     5 years ago in  Uber Freight is now expanding into Europe.

    I feel like trucking and fright delivery are one thing people should plan, instead of relying on an on-demand mobile-enables apps. Am I wrong?

    No one packs his entire house and then says, “okay, now that all boxes are packed and placed on the lawn, let me see what fright drivers are available in my neighborhood.”

  • Who the heck are "VIPs?" Is that a class of passengers or are you referring to just snobby people in general?

    Who has 4.95 ratings? That means a person can only get one 4-star rating every 20 rides.  Mine is 4.75, which is one 4-star rating every 4 times. (Am I a sh*tty rider?)

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     5 years ago in  Dead Leg Compensation

    Cool. Thank you for your help! 

    - Margs 

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     5 years ago in  Dead Leg Compensation

    i've never driven before but I would like to try.  This is one of the questions I had. How is Uber on giving you a trip back when you end up being far away from home?

    I heard there is a feature where you can request to be going towards somewhere and Uber's app attempts to match you up with a ride going back. Does this actually work?