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     5 years ago in  Should I give low ratings to Uber drivers who solicit tips?

    Okay here is my thing and I do this even in restaurants or anywhere else someone blatantly asks for a tip.  It it not because I am cheap but it is because I have worked in a situation where one thing we could never do is ask for tips or gifts.  It is not good business to solicit tips.  I have no problem with a sign or a something that says 'tips are appreciated'.  however if a driver has the bad taste to ask or tell me I should tip it is almost a guarantee I won't.  Especially if they spend the ride telling me how hard it is to make ends meet.  First of all if it is that hard then get a different job.   We all make choices in life and if you want to be your own boss then you are going to work a little harder.  That is just life.  I am not tipping you because I am a cheapskate or anything like you might think.  I typically do tip unless you do something that is uncalled for like being rude, complaining my trip is too short, or any of the myriad of things taxi drivers are famous for.  However if you ask me for a tip on principle alone i will tip you less or not tip you at all.   Your waitress in a restaurant cannot ask you for a tip, bellman and valets cannot ask you for a tip.  Yes they expect one just like you but they would be fired for asking.   Soliciting tips is just bad business.  I realize many who have never worked in the service industry or who do not understand the ins and outs of acceptable behavior when giving someone a ride.   We all have to  learn together.  I get you use your car and your gas and all the other things but again it is your choice and calling people cheapskates who would not tip anyway is simply not always true.  I can say in almost all of my 4,000 plus rides I have maybe not tipped on 10 of them.  So I do tip and I will always tip you.  You get more if you do an extra service or take my luggage and help at the airport.  You get no tip if you tell me you deserve one.  It is that simple.  However that being said there are many riders who do not tip because they do not get it either.  They have never before relied on someone else for a ride and therefore they feel entitled.  I have heard many people say they should not have to tip which I adamantly disagree with and have told them.  If you are provided a service and you  get from point A to point B your driver deserves and expects a tip.   Part  of  the problem is when ride shares first started they actually marketed the no tip thing and once you put that on the table people do not forget it so its hard to change peoples minds.  Remember when Lyft first started they called it a donation and you could pay the suggested donation or less if you wanted.  What if that model had stayed around?  I think they learned very quickly no one is going to drive for them if people would not even pay the suggested amount.  That business model died fast and it should have but there are many people who still believe the tip is in the fare you pay.  I think the companies are the ones who have to fix this but explaining in their marketing that the up front price is not inclusive of a tip and that riders should tip for the service.   That way drivers won't have to offend people and looe tips by asking and riders will know upfront they should tip because some honestly do not think they have to.   So instead of looking at what passengers do wrong and blaming people for being cheap, or soliciting tips drivers need to push the companies to explain to riders that tips are not included.  Then everyone will be happy.  (well except for a few cheapskates you can just stop picking up).  :)  okay don't shoot the messenger JMO

  • The app tells all.  Drivers need to relaize this.  The kid did not put in the wrong address as the map showed them dropping off at the correct address and the backtracking involved.  Other drivers need to realize there are bad seeds out there who do take advantage.   The good thing is unlike taxis there is a followable trail to find these scumbags.

  • Yes there are two safety drivers but I am not going to sign all my rights away for the sake of technology. 

  • I was going to and had every intention until I read thru the terms of agreement and it basically took every one of my and my heirs rights away in case of death.  I was not spooked by the car itself but by the long agreement and the terms and conditions basically telling me that I was totally risking my life.    I wish I had not read it but I am a Ts and Cs kind of person becaue then I might have taken a ride.  

  • Me personally, I hit the tip button more than most.  The only time I do not tip is if a driver does something completey wrong or tries to get one over on me.   I tip on almost every tip and I know a lot of people do not tip at all which I find unbelievable. 

  • He wanted you to cancel so it did not look bad on him.  I am going to bet his rating was already low and so he did not want to cancel plus if you did it you would be charged a fee he could collect.  some drivers pull this at airports. They collect cancelation fees all day.  I have had drivers pull this on me other places.  one guy literally pulled into a parking lot behind where I was and just sat there waiting for me to cancel.  I am blind so always text drivers to let them know to look for me but drivers to not understand our app has speech and when they try to hide we know where they are at all times.  I waited him out for 20 minutes until he gave up and showed up.  Another driver called and asked where i was going and then insisted I cancel.  I refused at first but I did have to get home to go to work so I eventually had no choice however Uber heard about it and I got a refund plus the driver who was a 4.3 got a very low rating.  I do not understand why drivers and riders put so much energy into stupid scams that if they would do the right thing everyone would be happy and what drivers do not realize is they are the ones pushing that much harder for autonomus cars so the companies do not have to put up with rediculous human behavior. 

  • No probably not but when it becomes a pattern with several drivers my radar turns on.  I know things happen and it is not always the drivers fualt but when soemthing happens several trips in a row you wonder.  I have to admit I was a taxi rider for many years so sometimes my taxi radar gets the better of me. 

  • In my case I am talking about from my home.  The other day I was standing in my driveway because the app always thinks I live in the parking garage behind my house.  The trip was started before the driver even turned on my street.  He waited at the light at the top of my street with the trip started.  He was not having trouble finding me so this was definetly done on purpose and he was the same person who long hauled me.  I am a pretty savvy person and I never make anyone wait. I also never EVER rely on the automatic pick up location and always put it in manually.  Further is I am out somewhere not only do I check the address but if it is a diffiuclt place to find I will text the driver right away with very specific directions.  This has happneed with more than one driver who has in no way had trouble finding me but it seems to be way too common here.  We are not as busy of a city as some and I think drivers get frustrated because there are slow times but taking it out on loyal customers is not a good way to do business.  I understand the apps pretty well and I know about the automatic starts etc but these drivers are most definetly doing it on purpose and it is annoying.  The latest incidents have all been with Lyft drivers. 

  • This was good and I know passngers do all this stuff but now how about a video on the scams drivers pull on passengers, fake spills and fake vomit, setting somewhere or driving away from a passenger so that you cancel and they make money on the cancel fees, the new one that will so take your tip from me of starting a ride before you get to my pick up point and ending it after I am out.  Had a driver recently do this and he not only lost out on the tip but in this case I called Lyft and got $4 reimmbursed.   Wouldnt it be nice if peopel just followed the rule. 

  • How do you figure.  We used to take a lot of $5 rides now with the pass we try to make sure our trips cost $15 or more to make it worth it for us.  Besides this sounds like a cab driver remark.  As I once told a taxi driver you can sit around all day and wait for one good $30 trip of you can take five $5 trips every hour and make a good amount of money in a day.   Honestly the pass has really made us take much longer trips.  Took two $25 ones today.  

  • Yes this is true and anyone in the service industry can usually verify it.  I used to live near a major medical center and the waitress at a popular restaurant said evey time a group of doctors came in she was lucky to get anything.  Most tables of six doctors left maybe 3 dollars.   Tried a candy sale in a wealthy neighborhood once for a fund raiser and no one bought anything, went to a poor neighborhood and even people who did not buy candy made donations.  Rich people get rich by holding on to their money.  

  • Nope, seriously doubt it.  I can tell you from my own experiences doing fundraisers and from a waitress friend that those with disposalbe incomes are much less likely to tip or tip well than those who are more frugal or have lower incomes.  I persaonally tip better for longer trips and because of the subscrition take longer trips as well. 

  • That is way too much work.  There is no way I can see people doing that.  Nubmer one they are impatient enough if they have to share rides.  As someone who has always used public transit and knowing people there is absolutely no way people are going to do this. 

  • We have used the subscription plan the past few months but we are those who do not insist on the ride being less than $15.  We actually tend to take longer trips that we might not otherwise take.  We use Uber for the smaller trips if they are way below the $15 threshhhold and try to only use the Lyft plan for trips of $15 or more.  A $30 trip for $15 is a good deal all around then.   In a perfect world all trips would be below $15 but that is not a real expectation. 

  • Does uber have an actual contact phone number?