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Lyft/Uber: Ways You Might Get Scammed - Protect Yourself [munchkym]

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 Posted 5 years, 7 months ago

I don't know this rideshare blogger, but the content is solid.    Love the delivery too.  

1. Impersonating an Uber/Lyft Employee
Either to get into your account or to get a free ride

2. Ride Theft
Either a passenger stealing a ride or a driver stealing a ride

3. Additional People
More than listed for Pool/Line or more than allowed for a ride type requested

4. Incorrect Destination or Direction
Claiming you brought them to the wrong place or "the long way."

5. Anchoring During Stops
Leaving their possessions in the car

6. Surge Fraud
Changing the pickup location to where there isn't a surge.

7. "Puttin Yo Driver on Blast"
Basically threatening your drive to get a free ride

8. Canceling Mid-Ride


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    1202 Rider Driver Guru
     5 years ago

    #8, the canceling mid-ride one was covered in a recent topic

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     4 years ago

    This scam happened to my wife and I last night. We used Lyft to go to Cecconi’s in Miami. A couple hours after our drop-off, I received a Lyft damage receipt for $15 and they charged my credit card right away. I disputed the damage and they emailed me a picture of a wet seat as a so called evidence - pretending that my wife peed her pants on our way to a fancy restaurant. The picture they provided was taken on a sunny day probably in the afternoon while we got dropped off at 730pm on a cloudy night. The scammer driver must have been using the same picture for all of her scams. Her name is Raiza and she is driving a Toyota Yaris in the Miami South Beach-Bal Harbour area. Do not ride with her. She is a scammer! As for Lyft, they refused to overturn this damage fee, siding with their scammer driver and her phony evidence. These fraudsters probably get a cut on the damage fee for their scammer drivers. Can you believe this company is now public!

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     5 years ago

    Impersonating a Uber employee?  Oh jeez.  Please don't get busted for that...