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Antalya Museum

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 Posted 3 months, 2 weeks ago

Antalya Museum comprises of 13 presentation corridors, kids' area and outdoors show. Finds of Karain Cave where a continuous settlement until Roman period are displayed in Natural History Hall and Pre-history Hall. 

Pottery expressions, vases, cosmetics, adornments are shown in Hall of Small Objects; God statues which are the Roman duplicates of Grecian firsts are displayed in Statuary Hall; head statues which are the delightful Roman figure samples having a place with second and third century uncovered in Perge exhuming are displayed in Hall of Imperial Statues; two sarcophagus fitting in with Domitias Filiskas and his family, and tomb steels are displayed in Sarcophagus Hall. Separated from these, Mosaic and Icons Hall, Hall of Coins and Children's area are spotted in the doorway of the display center. Numerous assortments of works, for example, Seljuk-Ottoman tiles, porcelains, dress, and rugs are displayed in the Ethnographic Hall which comprises of two corridors. Once more, an Antalya house is depicted in this are

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