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Former Uber engineer sues company for sexual harrassment

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 Posted 1 year, 1 month ago

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Uber's working so hard to fix their image, but this stuff is going to stick with them like an albatross around their neck for a long time. It was a toxic place to work and their indifference is going to cost them.

Among the claims in Avendaño's lawsuit: Uber did not do enough to address allegations of harassment. For example, she said that an engineer "repeatedly made unwelcome, demeaning comments about women" in front of her and other employees — and that human resources did nothing when she reported him.

Months later, Avendaño discovered that the same employee told her coworkers that the only reason she had a job was "because she slept with someone at the company," according to the complaint. She complained again, and the man was fired.

The lawsuit says that Avendaño faced fallout afterward, and was "isolated and ignored by many male Uber managers and other employees" who had worked with the man.

She also claimed that she was inappropriately touched by a senior software engineer, and that she witnessed other employees who made inappropriate comments and shared sexually explicit content at work.



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     1 year ago

    company culture is also hard to change. even with the new guy at the top I bet some of this stuff is still going on down below...

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     1 year ago

    This is just disgusting, and our society wonders why more girls aren't working in tech.

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     1 year ago

    Didi is so gonna wreck uber when they make their move into the US.

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       1 year ago

      I couldnt agree more. I am actually excited for DIDI to get here, they seem like they have their sh*t together.