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Rideshare Company Pays 100% to drivers

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 Posted 3 years, 12 months ago

New Disruptive Rideshare Company Pays 100%

of Rider Fares & Tips DIRECT to Driver!

Are You Tired of Giving Up 20% to 25% of Your Earnings?

You Can Now Keep 100% of Every Fare & Tip!

More than 2-million people earn a living as a rideshare driver in the USA alone. With over 60-million users, the rideshare industry has proven there is a huge demand for skilled drivers. As a driver, your choices have been basically limited to two companies that charge drivers between 20% and 25% to use them. If you’re not a professional driver with one of these two companies, then chances are you at least know someone who is!

How would you like to add a 3rd rideshare company to your portfolio? One that pays you 100% of every fare, and tips. One that let’s riders specifically request “you” to take them places! One that saves riders about 15% off the rideshare prices they are currently paying! One that allows the app users to pass out the free rideshare app to all their friends and all their social media contacts, and earn an average of $.40 every time one of those friends/contacts uses the app to request a ride!

Our rideshare app not only allows you, as a driver, to earn and receive 100% of the fares and tips direct from your riders, but it also allows you to build and override a team of other drivers if you choose to! Want to just be a driver? Great! Want to build a team of other likeminded drivers, with the potential to earn a weekly residual income of $500, $1,250, $2,500, $6,250, and even $12,500 per week, or more? You can do that here!

Watch this 7-minute Video Overview: www.TrueFirstMoverAdvantage.com

Questions… Contact:  Coleman G <> 1-442-324-3209 [email protected]

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