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TourCentric-Now Drivers can give Tours to passengers, with turn by turn directions with Immersive Content San Francisco (NYC coming Spring 2023 ). https://tourcentric.com/

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Now Drivers can give Tours in San Francisco (NYC tours oming Spring 2023)


It is a mobile app-based tour, where drivers simply follow the turn by turn driving directions where passengers enjoy highly immersive curated tour experience, while pictures relevant to each point of interest show on their phone.  (enjoy sample on the TourCentric website https://tourcentric.com/)


These tours can be enjoyed by anyone with a vehicle, while taking their time.  Rideshare drivers would love to have visitor passengers for several hours, with turn-by-turn driving directions with these positive factors:

Also, visitors can enjoy tour on the SF F-Line Street Cars and Cable Cars (Launching in Spring)

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