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Uber is putting self-driving cars in California even though they don't have a permit!

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 Posted 5 years, 8 months ago


Check this out. What do we think about Uber testing their self-driving cars in San Francisco without a valid permit, and the city says their actions are "illegal".. Is it worth it for them? I hate this topic because self-driving cars scare me, don't like this is part of the news now!


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    558 Driver
     5 years ago

    Yeah, I am starting to get sick of this bullying.  This is obviously against the law, but they continue to do it in the name of innovation and with huge wallets.  This really is in the realm of bullying.

    What irks me is that they are so proud of being the "disruptor" that they feel they can do wahtever they want and that they are above the law.  This cannot be the way to proceed.

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      222 Rider
       5 years ago

      Thank you for saying this! I couldn't agree more. Uber has a huge superiority complex and they think they can just break laws left and right and nothing will happen. grrr.

      I saw a tweet the other day about one of Uber's self driver cars blowing through a red light!! Not cool.

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    756 Rider Guru
     5 years ago

    Seems like a bad idea to me. Aren't they creating a big liability for themselves?

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    120 Rider Guru
     5 years ago

    Hey! Just read this article, apparently Uber got kicked out of California and they are haulting the driverless car program!