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     5 years ago in  What's a typical passenger rating for Uber? Is 4.50 good?

    4.2 I passed on that one, 3am IHOP requests = drunks, together with s low rating equals no thanks

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     5 years ago in  What's a typical passenger rating for Uber? Is 4.50 good?

    Passengers from other countries or cities where a lot of drivers are from other countries will have lower ratings even when they are great passengers. Lowest I had ever seen on a great passenger was 4.56. He was from Mexico city and his two friends laughed and laughed when I told him. They (like most passengers) had no idea. Lots of drivers downrate people for reasons other than behavior (race, religion, no tip etc). Whatever, I had an older couple that were 4.3 but a sheduled ride (see airport) so I took it. They were fine, polite, tipped but hsd no idea how to operate the app, or protocol for requsts, where to stand etc. Concierge ordered their ride in advance, some drivers don't like old people or are very impatient. I pay little attention unless there are other factors, (large group, drunk people, wierd locations, etc.)

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     5 years ago in  How do you feel about driving underage passengers?

    I can't stand them. It is against policy, you are not covered by insurance, waste of time to drive there and not take passenger. I always lead with if you are under 18 you cannot ride alone in my car. Most kids are bad liars and you can tell. I felt bad at first but most kids know and pretend not to. Most don't have CC so they are using Mom's account, some without their knowledge. I drive away. They don't want to cancel because it costs money. I wait the time as i'm driving away. Then I cancel using "unnaccompanied minor" reason and collect 5 bucks. I also call Uber/Lyft. Never just message, the bots can't understand English and often threaten you to stop driving minors. How do you explain a 16 year old in your car when there is an accident? If they are not related? No good answer.    

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     5 years ago in  My Uber driver charged me a wait time... Wait for what?

    We all would much rather be moving with a passenger in the car at .90 cents a mile and .11 cents a minute. Vs the .19 cents by itself. Honestly I would give the fraction of the .19 cents back to have them ready to go. Most passengers are ready to go, or I wait 25 seconds max. That ends up being not enough to warrant "loving the wait time". See below.

    You Receive
    • Base Fare
    • Distance (19.24 mi × $0.9075/mi)
    • Time (25.75 min × $0.1125/min)
    • Wait Time (0.97 min × $0.1950/min)


    Most of the time it is because the passenger requested me before they walk out assuming I am far away. Or when they are 6 floors up like this ride. I was at valet before they got in the elevator.

  • No, unless there is no cell coverage at the drop off point.

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     5 years ago in  Do you mind if we ask you to drive faster?

    The reality is it won't matter anyway. The app will tell you how long your trip will take. If thst is too long you are already late. It takes traffic and lights into account so unless it is 4 am not much time can be shaved off anyway. A 30 minute drive you can shave maybe a minute. Kind of like running to class after the bell has rung. You can run there, but you are still late.

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     5 years ago in  What's a typical passenger rating for Uber? Is 4.50 good?

    If I am driving when a ping comes in, I am far more concerned with how far away you are than your rating level. Unless I notice it is super low. We only have a few seconds to accept a ride request before it moves on to the next driver.

  • I doubt they will pass on the savings. They will sppreciate not hsving to share the money with a driver.

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     5 years ago in  My Uber driver charged me a wait time... Wait for what?

    If this has happned numerous times I would pay really close attention to each fare. 52 cents is minutes of waiting. If tihs occurs regularly to you and there is no actual waiting, Uber will research it and correct it.

  • You can't get away with this one, the passenger app will show the points you were picked up / dropped off. So if they are not correct Uber will credit your account. It is the same as putting the destination 5 miles away and asking to be dropped much farther away. Some passengers thought in the beginning this would make for a discounted fare. Uber just adds the time and mileage driven regardless of what route was originally entered and charges accordingly.

  • When the passenger doesn't know how to so they ask, or the passenger put in the wrong destination and is asking why you are going the wrong way. You can see him doing it in front of you, plus it alerts on your phone. If you are conceerned the driver is doing something fishy ask him, also check the trip is over on your phone when you get out of the car (you should always do this, it is when it asks if you want to tip or not).smile

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     5 years ago in  My Uber driver charged me a wait time... Wait for what?

    Not to mention wait time is charged at 22 cents a minute, vs 11 cents while your on the ride. If you are waiting for a passenger to grab something in the middle of the ride at 7-11, 9 minutes is a buck. Wait time is still peanuts, at leaast in my market.

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     5 years ago in  What's a typical passenger rating for Uber? Is 4.50 good?

    Well it is telling. I have a 4.92 rating as a driver and rarely see below a 4.7 for passengers but they start at 5.0 in the beginning. I give 400 rides in a few months riders do one or two a day in big cities in smaller commmunities they use it for the airport or when their car breaks, not the same %. As a driver I rate every passenger a 5 unless they do something egregious.

  • I know where I picked them up, where they are going and ask them if that doesn't tell me. Conversation: I pick them up at a hotel frequented by covention goers. I am driving them to the airport for the first flight out. i.e. United to Denver. I ask them if they are checked in or need to go to the counter, I ask them if Denver is their final destination, when they say no Boston, Tampa, Atlanta etc. I ask them if they are going home from the railroad, IT or microchip convention or somewhere else and their answer tells me all that. Not a small town, I can operate my turn signals and ask questions laughing. Area of 250,000 to 750,000 when weather is nice. 

  • Uber should ease their take and actually pay a per ride bonus to the drivers if they are gonna stick with the tip-included nonsense. If they gave half of their booking fee to the driver things would be much sunnier. Never gonna hsappen though so it is what it has become. Not to mention the claims from Uber that you can make bonuses every week or series of rides. Not in my town, promotions tab always says "there are currently no promotions offered or upcoming".

  • It is their way of saving face. I never understood it otherwise. I don't expect or suggest tips. If you ask I will answer, but to say "I am out of cash / I will take care of you on the app" is code for, I won't tip you because I am cheap and will never see you again. If you don't want to tip then don't. No need to pretend you are going to. 1 out of 10 say this out loud and actually do. Usually other drivers taking a ride, or someone who honestly wants to tip. Better not to say anything except thanks or have a good day. That is better than the former.

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     5 years ago in  What does Lyft Kudos mean for drivers?

    Yup, means nothing. It is a gold star for the day. Might make me smile at the end of the day but I know when a passeneger and I had a great conversation. Just saying.

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     5 years ago in  Did you know there is a way to avoid certain Lyft drivers?

    Raally makes sense though, I wish Uber had it too.

  • I feel the same way. I have had days where every rider tipped, and those where no riders tipped.  It does make a huge difference when riders tip just a buck or two. I don't expect tips in general as where I live the locals just don't, period.  Most tips come from tourists or those visiting from out of town or are not paying for the trip (Corporate per diem). Uber is now taking a much higher percentage and charging the customer more on short trips to cover the minimum fees (Uber takes more than 50% on those rides). I think the matrix above is laughble, I don't tip on that kind of system, I also don't need a charge cord, gum or anything else. I tip for good service and a good / clean car and driver. There are some sketchy drivers out there too so you can't blanket tip like a restaurant. The driver is the busboy, cook, server and hostess. You are correct you cannot be hald accountble for what Uber does but you can control what you do.