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  • UberBlack drivers mostly have livery licenses, so they can run their own car services (or their company can). So it's natural for them to advertise their service through business cards.

    They often target business travelers (more often UberBlack users). If they get you on the way to the destinations, they suggest you call them on the way back, say to the airport. It's not a bad arrangement as you get personalized service and you can split the cost savings of at least 25% that Uber/Lyft would end up taking.

    WIN WIN!

  • As long as you don't get the wrong idea, I am all for it. Haha

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     5 years ago in  Would You Settle With Uber For $0.11 A Mile?

    What is this all about?

    As part of their settlement they promised to “make a favorite driver” option for passengers. They complied maliciously by burying that “favorite driver” option deep in the Lyft app and making it so a random driver won a crummy gift card every week.

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     5 years ago in  Commercial Rideshare Insurance

    Forget insurance for a minute. That part is easy. You call any large insurer and you just request one.

    What is more important getting your livery permit and getting your vehicle approved for livery services. (Vehicle for Hire)  The rules are different in every state and city, so I would look into where you live and would like to drive and contact the City Hall. 

    In some cities, you may need a special driver's license as well. In Massachusetts for example you can still use Class D license (that every one has) as long as you aren't driving a large bus or a van - something like 16 passengers. In some states or with large vehicles, you would need a commercial license, i.e. CDL.

    You would most likely need to register yourself as a business as well, like a LLC. It isn't difficult but it's just a lot of paperwork.

  • I’ve had pickups longer than 20 minutes but they have all been in the suburbs and I believe they were also scheduled rides to the airport. (Not sure if the latter has anything to do with it.) I am sure it happens in areas where drivers are more dispersed. I don’t know for sure but some areas like Cape Cod, Outer Banks, and Jersey Shore I always think they must drive long ways to pick up passengers because they’re big areas.

    For trips over 20 minutes (or anything over 8 miles or something) you get long pickup fees. They never seem to be what they make it out to be though. 

    We are supposed to get paid mile and distance, but they must only apply to the part that’s considered as “long” and not the entire pickup trip. Some I’ve collected were like $3 and $8.  I’ve heard from others they received amount in the pennies. 

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     5 years ago in  Majestic Disorder

    "Where to?" article is included in the book? (books)?

  • I live in NYC and drive a UberSUV. Honestly, every one of us drivers is from Middle East.  No one suspects a thing.  I mean no one bats an eye, beacuse we are so common.

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     5 years ago in  The age of scooter sharing is upon us [CNN Money]

    You are actually one of those chargers?!!  

    Not to side step too much, I lose my wallet often in the house.  So often that my wife got me one of those GPS chips that you put in a wallet so your iPhone app can find it.  When I turn the app on, the wallet beeps.  If I can't hear the beep, it tires to show me on a GPS, and displays the signal strength.

    I still cannot find it half the time.

    So m y quesiton to you is....how hard is it to find these Birds?  There has to be great stories behind where you have found them. People are creative (and also stupid).

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     5 years ago in  Uber wins in London. Ready to destroy the Black Cabs [CNN]

    "London mayor Sadiq Khan also declared victory, saying the city's approach had resulted in major improvements to the service."

    Fantastic.  The mayor has been brainwashed.  Calling this a victory.

    Look at that smile on his face.  Sounds like he lined his pockets well.

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     6 years ago in  Which amenities do you provide for your passengers?

    Uber once featured a driver who was selling jewelery out of the back of his car.  Also some musicians who were spreading the word through being an Uber driver. (selling CDs).  so I don' tthink Uber would mind.

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     6 years ago in  Which amenities do you provide for your passengers?

    Well, the big question lingering in people's minds is whether it's cheaper and you get to keep a bigger cut if you supplied it on your own.  You use the Costco membership you already have.

    Candy bars, waters, and gums are ridiculously cheap at discount stores.  I guess what you need to figure out is the payment and whether it's legal to resell that stuff on your own.

  • You say "rat out", but do you mean like calling the authorities for doing an "illegal" activity?  No, I wouldn't rat them out.  Now, if they did something to me or to my car, of course.  I would report them for wahteer they did.

    So I guess the answer is "no."  I wouldn't rat them out.  

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     6 years ago in  Which amenities do you provide for your passengers?

    I have experiemented with this.

    I think this heavily depends on whether you drive an Uber or UberBlack.  As an UberBlack driver, I feel amenities are expected and I do think it affects the tip amount.  Even when the rider is not used to tipping, whenever they "take" something or "use" something, they seem to tip in return.

    Charger - I think this is pretty much expected, meaning I am not sure if it affects the tip amount.

    Small bags of chips - If they take one, more often than not, they will tip at least a dollar.  With a bag at a dime (buy them at Costco), it has high ROI.

    Water - It's a toss up, but where I am (Boston), I believe there is positive ROI.  My buddy drives in Scottsdale, and apparently it is expected in every UberBlack that no one cares.

    Mint, small candies, etc. - Mixed, but usually positive.

    The above is for UberBlack, and I am sure it is very different from UberX experience.