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Pay backs for bad behavior, being a jerk to your Uber driver

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 Posted 4 months, 2 weeks ago

Let me set the background for you not busy, pouring out, chilly, area full of Ubers as 8 in 1 mile are showing on rider app. Request comes up 12 min away premium pick up possible. Look closer its pool, rider rating 4.5 (not seen that low in my time ever). Obviously I decline no way am I accepting. Two min. go by pool ride request 4.5 rating 15 min. away, 3 more min go by pool request 20 min. away 4.5 rating. No one will pick this rider up.Not only did it go through all those drivers available but went back to me 3X. Finally some pay back to riders who treat drivers like crap! No one will pick this person up. Would love to know how long it took them to get driver to accept.. Probably a new driver picks him/her up and they say " i dont understand I couldnt get anyone to take my request" dont be a D Bag and treat people nice and maybe that wouldnt happen. It just felt good to finally see this happen. Uber wont have to deactivate, drivers are sticking together not tolerating bad behavior on crappy pool rides. Although person shoukd be deactivated with that rating. 

My happiness was short lived though. Now that I cant see my cancel or acceptance rate( although i dont think its that bad) think I am on some kind of time out or punishment. Not sure if its from that or from the class action suit I got 123.45 from a few days ago. Friday night averaged 38.50 an hr. had a long trip and a few good cash tips. Saturday and Sunday night awful. I have to laugh 12 trips Sat. 7 were under 5.00 3 were 10.00 (2 pools) 2 were 13.00 surged lol saved by tips, tonight its too embarrassing to post. Lets just say if it wasnt for tips I wouldve averaged 6.00 per hr. Last 2 nights have all been pool or short X trips. 


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