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Commercial Rideshare Insurance

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319 Rider Driver
 Posted 5 years, 8 months ago

I’ve been getting a number of requests for rides off-platform, so I’m curious about commercial rideshare insurance. I want to be able to build a regular clientele who wants me as their driver and pays me directly, basically building my own driving business. Does anyone do this already?


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     5 years ago

    Forget insurance for a minute. That part is easy. You call any large insurer and you just request one.

    What is more important getting your livery permit and getting your vehicle approved for livery services. (Vehicle for Hire)  The rules are different in every state and city, so I would look into where you live and would like to drive and contact the City Hall. 

    In some cities, you may need a special driver's license as well. In Massachusetts for example you can still use Class D license (that every one has) as long as you aren't driving a large bus or a van - something like 16 passengers. In some states or with large vehicles, you would need a commercial license, i.e. CDL.

    You would most likely need to register yourself as a business as well, like a LLC. It isn't difficult but it's just a lot of paperwork.

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    152 Driver Driver
     5 years ago

    I have a liability coverage and umbrella policy for my driving. I have an LLC in my name for my driving income. Yes, I do drive "off the app" when people call me. I hand out business cards, say when I pick up people from the airport, and I have them call me to take them back. I've been doing this since my taxi days.

    I called The Hartford insurance and asked for a business liability insurance, and they issued it. It's less than $200 a year. Maybe $160 or 180?