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9 Keys To Being a Great Rideshare Conversationalist [TheRideshareGuy]

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1202 Rider Driver Guru
 Posted 4 years, 7 months ago

There’s a lot more that goes into rideshare driving than just driving, although that’s important too. But if you really want those high ratings and tips, you have to go that extra mile. This doesn’t mean you need to buy anything fancy, or hand out water bottles and candy. Highly rated rideshare drivers do this one thing – and it’s free.

It’s called being a great rideshare conversationalist. So how can you become a great rideshare conversationalist who gets high ratings and more tips? Senior RSG contributor John Ince covers 9 key ways you can become a great rideshare conversationalist here.

  1. Ease Into the Conversation
  2. Establish the Tone of the Ride Early
  3. Give the Passenger Space
  4. Keep the Conversation Casual, Friendly and Civil
  5. Recognize When There’s Tension in the Air
  6. Take Conversational Risks – It Makes Life More Interesting
  7. Keep Things Positive
  8. Figure Out What You Have in Common
  9. Never Initiate a Conversation on Sex


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