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Amazon for Transportation - What Uber strives to be.

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1202 Rider Driver Guru
 Posted 4 years, 7 months ago

Uber is doubling down.  Dara mentions they want to be the next Amazon for transportation.  Recode talks about how they aren't in it for making profits yet, and how they are investing in scooters and bikes.

Uber "a platform that riders can use to access several different modes of transport. Instead of chasing profitability and expanding its global footprint at breakneck speed, it is building out its next chapter, which includes food delivery, scooter- and bike-sharing, car rental, flying cars, partnerships with transit networks and expanding its rides business in key global markets. Uber generated $2.8 billion in revenue last quarter — a nearly $1.1 billion increase over the same period a year ago, representing 63 percent growth — but it still lost close to $900 million last quarter.



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    2098 Rider
     4 years ago

    Very smart move to compare itself to Amazon.  Readying himself for the upcoming IPO.  Investors love Amazon.  Everyone talks about investing in Amazon in 1990s.