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Can I get a ride from the City of Wrightwood to Mountain High on 3/11/21?

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 Posted 1 year, 8 months ago


I have never been skiing in falling snow. I'd really like to experience it. I planned to ski tomorrow and then found out I couldn't because chains are required just beyond the CIty of Wrightwood. I am using a friend's car and he doesn't want chains put on it (it's an SLK). I tried renting a 4 wheel drive and can't get a guarantee anywhere.

So I am wondering if I get to the City of Wrightwood, is it possible to have someone who can take me to Mountain High Resort? The rules for travel are that you need chains OR a vehicle with at least 2 snow tires. I'm assuming someone up there meets the minimum two snow tire requirement. Can anyone confirm this and make a referral for me? I'd be so appreciative. TIA!


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