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How much money can I make being an Uber driver?

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9 Rider
 Posted 4 years, 10 months ago

I was thinking that I might try to become an Uber driver in my area. I know it's popular where I live so I'm assuming I could earn a lot of money from it. Does anyone know how much money I could make a week being an Uber driver in New York?

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    jessica li
     4 years ago

    i had drivers who say they do it on the weekends and make pretty good cash for a second job. seems like a good gig for that, not sure about as a main source of income

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    uber driver texas
     4 years ago

    well it depends because uber takes a lot of the money you make. after a long shift i always check my app and see i made less than i expected

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    cheryl s
     4 years ago

    And keep in mind, too, that you will need to be sharing your car with strangers. And if you're working on weekends, that could get messy.