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I'm hearing people are getting rid of their cars and using rideshares instead.. has anyone done this before?

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1 Rider
 Posted 5 years ago

I'm debating whether I should sell my car to save money and use a Uber or Lyft instead. Would that actually save me money? Sometimes the fares are so expensive and I just can't see how the costs would actually add up here. 

Any advice you can give me is appreciated! Thanks! Especially if you have done this before!!

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    LA Girl!
     5 years ago

    Hey - I live in the city and have no need for a car. I think a lot of people have been getting rid of cars in the cities lately and choosing to walk or ride a bike instead - or even use public transportation! Using rideshares once in a while should not drain you too much, and if you're looking for a more affordable option you could use a carpool like UberPool or Lyft Line!

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    rideshare wiz
     5 years ago

    Rideshares = more traffic. I read in a study that car ownership actually hasn't decreased since rideshares became popular, but who knows. So much is happening now in the rideshare world and with the sharing economy and it's hard to keep up!

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    jessica li
     5 years ago

    driverless cars are the future!!!!! soon everyone will sell their cars and be driven around in autonomous vehicles...