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Mileage that is tax deductible

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 Posted 10 months ago

I leave the house and head towards a busy area for my first ride while UBER is on for 6 miles.  Is this tax deductible?  I accept a ride and drive 8 miles and pick up a rider.  Is this tax deductible?  The ride is 4 miles while the rider is in the car.  Clearly tax deductible.  I drop the rider off and drive 10 miles to an active area (no rider and I did not accept rides).  Is this tax deductible?  At the end of the day, I drop off my last ride.  I then have to drive 30 miles to get home.  Is this tax deductible?  The whole time UBER is online.  My 2022 statement seems to include all the miles above, but I think the mileage after I drop off a rider, and drive in the direction of a busy area, is not deductible until I accept a ride.  THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT.  THE IRS IS SILENT,  UBER IS SILENT.