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Regular Lyft or LyftXL?

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 Posted 4 years, 9 months ago

I just got approved with Lyft in Evansville,In and am planning on driving in Louisville,Ky also. We have two vehicles a 2017 Honda CRV or a 2018 Toyota Highlander. The CRV gets about 6-7 more miles per gallon but only seats 5 so I could only use it for the regular Lyft but the Highlander seats 8 so I could use it for XL. I only want to run the odometer up on one of them and am just wondering if it’s worth the loss in miles per gallon to be able to do XL? 


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    1602 Rider Driver
     4 years ago

    Personally I would sign-up both cars on the system and you can choose which car you are using at the beginning of each shift.  You will find that a regular X is by far the most popular during the week and XL is more popular on weekends when groups go out to events/party etc...  You'll still most likely find that only about 1 in 10 ride requests are XL unless you're working around events where "groups" of people attended a game or concert together.

    On Uber you can select whether to be X or xl exclusively at any point during your shift.  Keep in mind that Uber takes 28% on XL rides, so while you make more they also take more!!!