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     2 days ago in  Do Poorer People Tip More than the Rich?

    sometimes it's location especially if they make it obvious it's their home or where they live, but you can sometimes tell by how people conduct themselves, how they dress (dirty unkempt versus clothing that has been ironed or is clean and fits correctly)....  and many times you're right, you just can't tell.

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     5 days ago in  Do Poorer People Tip More than the Rich?

    I tend to agree with you.  Servers are consistently the best tippers as well as anyone that works in an industry where they would routinely receive tips.    I've had so many poor (by their own admission) apologize for not tipping over the years - and I truly appreciate and feel bad for them.  I find the obviously wealthy are LOUSY tippers.  I also find that by driving a really nice car - i honestly think that hurts more than it helps as a lot of riders feel "I'm not going to tip him.  He has more money than I do"....

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     1 week ago in  Caraoke - No Thank You!

    Although it could be fun at times, I don't like the concept of passengers expecting an Uber ride, especially at the X level, to involve anything more than a safe, clean car and a safe driver that's paying attention to the ROAD and not being distracted by events in the car, especially if the driver has to control the karoke machine.  That's no different than using your phone - it's all a distraction.

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     1 week ago in  How bad will the surge be on St. Patrick's Day?

    It tends to vary by area and market in general.  In Cleveland, OH it's a strong day morning and evening and spotty during the day.  Warning:  Be SURE to have barf bags in your car.  A lot of folks that rarely drink party on St Patty's Day and puke on their way home!  Be prepared!

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     2 weeks ago in  Uber drivers don't speak english!

    As an English speaking person, I always am hopeful that my Uber 0r Cab driver speaks my language.  But be that as it may, I would still prefer a safe and secure ride over their linguistics.  

    However a couple of comments regarding your post.  One is that Uber quotes you a price BEFORE the ride, and generally, unless the trip varies wildly from the original route, the passenger is charged the same whether the route varies or not.  So if you were charged MORE than the original quote, you can send Uber a note (via the help screens in trip history) and chances are you will be refunded.  Also keep in mind that the driver generally follows the Uber provided route which takes things into consideration such as delays, slow traffic, major accidents and will route you around the problem areas to save time.  This generally does not cost the passenger additional dollars.  Secondly the matter of the sand.  Yes, he may be able to vacuum it for a buck, but consider this.  He has to go off line (in other words, off the clock) and can accept no rides during this time.  Secondly he has to expend his own energy and money to clean up YOUR mess.  Thirdly he was probably lucky to make 50% of your fare, and now you expect the driver to take 15 minutes off the clock, find a car wash, use his time and energy to clean up your mess, and I'm betting you didn't even tip for the inconvenience.  Wow...  IMO the $40 bucks was less than it actually cost him when all things are considered.

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     2 weeks ago in  New Surge System Revolt Cleveland, OH

    They are "sharing" the surge now.  So ALL drivers in a surge area WILL get the "adder surge" in addition to the regular rates.  BUT, the surge will ONLY be the dollar amount in addition to regular unless it's a LONG ride in which case Uber seems to be sharing the surge dollars but no one (including Uber) has explained how this works!  So yes, on a long ride it could be a loser (compared to the old system) for the driver, BUT, Uber is spending those dollars to the benefit of ALL the drivers in a given surge area.

    Some day we'll get our hands on documentation on how this actually works.

  • The biggest "trick" to doing this is remembering to turn OFF the other APP after you accept a ride.  For example, once you accept a ride on Lyft, you MUST remember to TURN OFF the Uber App, otherwise you'll be getting pinged for rides you cannot accept!  Trust me, you'll forget until you've done this a few times!  There is not a problem driving for both systems - most drivers do actually and Uber and Lyft are fully aware of this.

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     3 weeks ago in  New Surge System Revolt Cleveland, OH

    It is definitely the intention of Uber to get more drivers into a surge market area.  They are encouraging this by guaranteeing ANY driver in ANY surge area that is positioned within the surge WILL DEFINITELY get the surge bonus on their next ping even if the ride comes from outside the surge area.  So from that view, it's a great program.  And on short rides it's a WIN.  But on LONG rides it seems you only get additional surge dollars (on top of the promised surge dollar amount) if the rider is actually paying a surge price and it is a long ride.  (That's what seems to be happening).  Otherwise you only get the bonus dollar amount.  That factor is not written in stone based on anything I've seen or heard Uber say,  but I've seen dozens of examples where drivers DID get additional surge dollars on top of the fixed dollar amount on LONG rides, and I've seen examples where the driver only received the bonus amount.  It seems (but this is just my opinion) that if the passenger is indeed paying surge rates they share it with you.  If not, it appears you still get the bonus but no additional dollars.  Love to hear if anyone has experienced anything differently.

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     3 weeks ago in  can i book from my computr

    As long as you know Uber is servicing that location (you can find out on the uber.com website) I would NOT book in advance.  There are SO many variables in flying - and if you're more than 5 minutes late the driver would cancel you as a "no show" and you would be charged a no show fee.

    I'm assuming you have the APP on your phone and could summon a ride AFTER you pick up your luggage.  Remember, drivers make almost nothing waiting on you, so don't expect them to do that.  Order your ride when you're ready to roll.  If you don't have the app on your phone, I would recommend a taxi or some other form of public transportation.

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     4 weeks ago in  Ride

    It would be nice if you at least told us your location!

    In most markets Uber does not accept cash payments.  I would recommend taking a cab.  Uber insurance will NOT cover you in the event of an accident if you're utilizing an Uber driver and negotiated a deal to pay them cash.  

    The driver would have to have true COMMERCIAL insurance (this is NOT the same as if they have added Ridehshare to their policy)...  otherwise you're both at risk in the event of an accident and technically neither of you would be insured as regular insurance does NOT cover "ride for hire" situation and they will drop the insured so fast you won't even know what happened!

    You could also book an Uber Black and they would accept cash.

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     1 month ago in  Private Fleet Owners Atlanta, Austin & San Diego

    Thanks for the clarification.  The markets you mentioned must have MUCH better rates than we see in our market.  There is absolutely NO WAY you could make a profit (unless perhaps you're renting the car itself and nothing more) in our market...  I used to know a couple of people that hired drivers and provided the cars etc... but that went away when the rates dropped to 50% less than they were and it has improved very little.

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     1 month ago in  Private Fleet Owners Atlanta, Austin & San Diego

    Are you referring to Black Car Limo or regular Uber X and XL?

  • Could this possibly be a carrier problem, AT&T in particular???  Have you discussed the issues with friends from that perspective?  I'm just wildly curious.  I'm using an older 6S Plus Iphone on Verizon and honestly I can't remember the last time I noticed any issues.  (I use Uber maps fwiw)...  I've had perhaps 5 issues within 2K + rides.

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     1 month ago in  New Surge System Revolt Cleveland, OH

    The new surge system is a fixed amount.  For example a $3-4 dollar adder in lieu of the traditional rates rather than paying a large surge for the entire ride.  (However on very long rides they DO give you an additional surge amount).  The disadvantage is it can be less earnings on a medium size ride.  The good news however is that EVERY driver that crosses through a surge area will get the surge price on their next ride even if it's out of the surge area.

    Uber technically won't lose overall as the surge pay to an individual driver is less (still more than standard rates) but it is ALSO given to EVERY other driver in a surge market area during the surge on their next ride.  

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     1 month ago in  Lost teeth

    Go to that ride in your trip history and then send a message to Uber.  They will contact the driver for you.  Expect to compensate the driver especially if this involves mailing or returning them to you. Uber DOES NOT cover that, but they will charge you a $10 fee for time and trouble.

  • The laws concerning Commercially insured vehicles varies widely by State and City.  Most major cities would require a license of some sort and fee's would be involved.  You would most likely need a "permit" to operate and in all probabilities you would have to establish a corporation of some kind with a business name.  (which could be your name).

    Which begs the question, why do you have commercial insurance rather than just adding Rideshare onto your existing policy which costs MUCH less?  Surely you must already be a part of a driving/transportation situation in order to be paying for commercial insurance?  Possibly you could do private rides under the guise of whatever company that is and avoid the additional expense since you're probably only going to offer the private ride service on a very select basis.

  • If his background investigation didn't show anything, then no, Uber is not responsible.  However, if the background check showed ANYTHING at all, Uber should have conducted a deeper investigation IMO and does assume some degree of liability.

    Personally i think new drivers should have to pay a fee for their own investigation AND receive a copy.  Let's get some skin in the game and also reduce the number of people that apply but never gain approval because of their records, which is a huge waste of dollars for Uber.

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     1 month ago in  Trip to San Juan for cruise with a family

    I would suggest using two Uber X.  You will have to order one per phone - you can't order two.  An XL most likely will not be able to handle it, but two x's should be able.  And keep in mind the price difference between two x vs one xl is relatively insignificant.  

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     1 month ago in  Median Taxi Medallion Price in Chicago Down to $26,500

    From what I've read, at their peak, over a million dollars in value at their peak in New York, but I haven't reviewed anything regarding Chicago.  Most taxi drivers considered their medallion their retirement fund.  I'm sure they'd never dreamed it could possibly decline - until Uber came on the scene.

  • Yes, i definitely feel they will increase rates, HOWEVER, I am confident they will increase rates to benefit themselves - NOT the driver.  Yeah we may get a tiny increase, but as long as there's a steady flow of new drivers ready to 'try it out' I don't think things will change for anybody except the corporation.  They've yet to ever make a cent of profit, and it appears the only way to change that, which will be essential if they're going to survive as an IPO, will be to increase their share of the ride revenue (take a larger cut).

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  • You need to call your agent to see if you can add "rideshare" coverage to your policy.  In most states this is now available.  I'm with State Farm in Ohio and it cost me less than $10 a month to cover two cars.  You NEED this coverage as Uber/Lyft ONLY cover you when you're on your way to pick up and when you have a passenger.  You do NOT have coverage when you're waiting for a ping, and if you got in an accident you would technically NOT be covered.  Furthermore when adding Rideshare, particularly to State Farm, they then offer you full coverage and THEY deal with the insurance companies used by Uber/Lyft. 

    If your insurance company does not offer Ridehshare, I would STRONGLY encourage you to change to a company that does.  It simply isn't worth the risk.  Insurance companies don't want to pay claims!!!  Don't give them a reason to deny you, becuase THEY WILL.  I don't care how long you've been with them or who you know, the job of the insurance company is to MAKE A PROFIT, and the best possible way to do that is to avoid paying claims!!!  Think about it and choose wisely!!!

  • Why not use this very site where you are posting the question (www.rideguru.com) and let it calculate the fare for you??? 

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     6 months ago in  My Uber app will not allow me to schedule AM or PM

    At least in our market that option no longer seems to be available with Uber.  It is available with Lyft, but please understand, all it really does is send out a request in advance of your pick up time to the nearest driver.  With Lyft, a driver can accept it well in advance, but if they're on a ride or not near the location, it will still default to the closest driver.  It also does not protect you against surge pricing fyi.

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     6 months ago in  What's a typical passenger rating for Uber? Is 4.50 good?

    4.5 is not good at all.  Keep in mind that, as a driver, we would already be kicked off the system for a rating that low.  Honestly I've done a few thousand trips, I've never given a passenger a 1-2 rating, and I've only given a 3 or 4 on rare occasion when they truly deserved much less.  There are drivers that are much less lenient, and I would offer a few suggestions to bring your ratings up.

    1.  Give a cash tip.  This will almost ALWAYS result in a 5 star rating, even if you were a little late or generally obnoxious.  Once your rating returns to more acceptable levels you could resume tipping on the APP, but a cash tip will be known BEFORE we rate you.  Otherwise it can be a couple of days before we would even know that you tipped as they are not always instantaneous on our end.

    2.  NEVER make the driver wait more than 2 minutes, and most definitely not beyond 5 minutes.  (Most drivers will leave at the 5 minute mark anyhow)

    3.  NEVER turn the sound system up to max!!!  Drivers' need to hear things like sirens and horns etc...  Consider your driver and also consider that it is their personal car, so they DO care about their sound system in general.

    4.  If you ask to make a stop, please be quick.  Remember we make almost nothing when we're sitting still.  We're doing it as a favor, NOT as an obligation.  We don't HAVE to wait, so if your driver is gracious enough to do so, hustle yourself in and out of the store!

    5.  Don't put your feet in our seats.  Don't get crumbs all over our seats.  Don't get into our car wet or soiled without offering a seat covering (plastic bag would suffice). 

    6.  Please tell us if you're sick.  We'll gladly assist you, most of us have barf bags, and we will gladly pull over when it's safe to do so.  PLEASE don't puke in our cars!!!

    7.  Please NEVER yell out the windows at friends or foes, and NEVER discard anything out the window.

    8.  Please don't bring opened alcohol into the car.  It's against the law.  We are NOT a limo, so it is NOT allowed.  I don't care how special your occassion is, don't break the law!!!

    9.  Please bring car seats for the kids and babies.  We don't have them, and you, as a parent, are responsbile to provide them.

    10.  Please make sure the address that the app found as your location is correct.  YOU, not Uber, not me, but YOU are responsible for entering a correct pick up location.  Consider walking outside to request the ride so the GPS in YOUR phone can correctly identify your location.  Remember, it's YOUR phone that pinpoints your location and communicates that information to the Uber system, so don't blame Uber when it's not correct!

    11.  I know nobody wants to "wait"...  that's the nature of American culture. But please, wait until you're really READY to depart before requesting a driver and have your shoes on and be ready to go when we arrive.  Remember, WE MAKE NOTHING waiting for you, or driving to pick you up.  NOTHING!!!  So please be considerate!!!

    12.  Lastly, please don't eat Taco's and messy foods in the car.  I know you think you're starving and that drive through Taco Bell stop smells SO good.  But please - it is totally wrong to expect us to stop and clean our car in preparation for the next passenger (who is probably already waiting for us to arrive) to clean up YOUR mess.  That will ALWAYS result in a lower rating.

    13.  Lastly, be considerate.  Leave the car in better shape than when you arrived.  We are NOT responsbile for your trash, your chewing gum wrappers, your candy papers, and I can ASSURE you the next passenger doesn't want to see them. 

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     1 month ago in  Electric vehicles

    Actually they aren't that prevalent in our area and unless it's a Tesla charging station, they aren't free (nor are they free any longer for the more recent Tesla customers)...

    But I do feel the day will come when they'll be everywhere - in fact I suspect gas stations will soon add areas for charging (if they have room) and use superchargers that can do the job rather quickly) at 30 mins or less.

    But for now - it's still an issue for sure.