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     22 hours ago in  Can a ride be schedule ahead of time

    In some cities you can while others it's not an option.  However, please understand that scheduling in advance merely places your request in a que that automatically makes the request at the time you indicate for pick up.  Particularly since you're both at different terminals, I wouldn't recommend attempting to pre-arrange.  There's always plenty of cars at the airport and it will not expedite your pick up whatsoever.  The system may not allow it at the airport anyhow as there is a que system in place at airports where the the drivers are stacked to receive requests in the order of their arrival at the Uber/Lyft holding lot where drivers are required to go before they can receive a request.  No matter what you do, the time for a driver to arrive at your pick up point will be the same since every car begins at the drivers lot which is typically 4-6 minutes away from the gates.

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     1 week ago in  Why don't my ratings increase

    If you haven't done 500 rides, you'll find your rating jumps around more than if you have.  If you're a new driver, Uber and Lyft both pretty much ignore your ratings for the first 100 trips unless they receive negative comments in which case they'll send you an automated message informing you of some things you could "improve".  

    Once you've completed 500 rides, even a 1 won't have a huge impact on your overall score, but it's also slower to increase your rating to a higher level.

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     1 week ago in  are early morning rides available on Sundays?

    Scheduling in advance (on Uber) does NOTHING.  It simply places the request in a computer que to request your ride at the indicated time.  If there are no drivers available, you still won't have a car.  With Lyft, the system is different and a driver can accept the trip in advance which is sort of a commitment that they will be working during this time.

    My suggestion would be, prior to the trip, to look at your app at 4 in the morning and see if there are cars available in your area.  If so, you can have reasonable confidence cars will also be available whenever you're actually ready to go on your trip to the airport.

  • In the United States, Uber/Lyft does NOT accept cash as a form of payment.  If you DO somehow find a driver willing to take the ride for cash, just remember, you are taking what could easily turn out to be an UNINSURED RIDE should an accident occur.  Personal insurance policies EXCLUDE drives 'for hire'.  In other words, if you're getting paid to take someone somewhere, that ride is NOT insured and requires commercial insurance.  Thoretically, even if you have added Rideshare coverage to your policy, that covers Rideshare rides and NOT cash rides.  Those rides would require TRUE commercial insurance which is WAY more expensive than Rideshare coverage.  So let the customer beware and if you do this, know that you're doing it fully informed.

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     1 month ago in  Booking ahead for large vehicles

    If your city allows you to schedule trips, then yes, you can schedule XL vehicles in advance.  Keep in mind several things.  Getting multiple vehicles in advance is NOT possible, only one at a time.  Also keep in mind that many XL's can seat 6 but it's a squeeze, so if comfort matters, you may want to plan for 5 passengers (plus the driver) to a vehicle.

    More importantly, you can only request ONE vehicle at a time, so if you need multiple vehicles it will be a problem.

    Lastly, keep in mind that using two regular Uber/Lyfts only costs slightly more than one XL, so there's not a huge savings by going to XL.  It's a matter of convenience.

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     2 months ago in  Fare estimate

    The easiy way is to download the app, open it up and see if it tells you service is not available. If it does not, then service IS available in your area and if you look closely at the map, you'll most likely see available cars in various points around your area.  You may need to enlarge the map (squeeze in) to be able to see the available cars.

  • I would tend to agree with the writer's thoughts, however with that said, I have on more than one occasion not noticed a passenger rating until after I accepted the ride only to find they were absolutely lovely people.  So perhaps their lower rating experience was one where "you would have to have been there" to see why it might have happened.

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     3 months ago in  schduled uber at 4:00am reliable?

    At an airport, YES you should always be okay.  If you were in an outlying area, that's probably the weakest time of night to find a driver.

  • AS a driver i certainly wouldn't rate someone less than 5 stars because the're wealthy.  However I will say in my experience wealthy folks tend to be really lousy tippers regardless of how much you go out of your way to cater to them.  

    The best tippers tend to be people who work in similar industries such as waiters and service industry folks.  They "get it"... they understand how vitally important it really is.

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     4 months ago in  London is only letting Uber operate for 2 more months

    The taxi companies have a serious "voice" and are fighting it tooth and nail.  Obviously Uber hasn't found the right official to buy off and make this problem go away.  Knowing their style and marketing, they will rally enough support from the public to get this resolved in time is my bet.

  • This fight will continue in the courts for a very long time while Uber and Lyft spend millions trying to protect their core business and profits.  Eventually the drivers will have to "agree" to a new TOS that states we are choosing to drive as a contractor and understand that we may not earn minimum wage as a result of our work (especially after deductions where we ALL know that based on our tax records, few of us are actually making more than minimum wage per hour invested once you take the mileage deduction - which by the way, if VERY revealing about the reality of the entire driving gig).  My guess is that after the smoke clears and the courts get weary from ongoing litigation, Uber/Lyft WILL win and the vast majority of drivers will have received enough propaganda from said companies to actually be supporting them and saying Amen.

  • I will still use them provided they still cost less than a cab, however I am in high hopes that at some point, and perhaps not on the initial phase, but they really MUST do something to help out the drivers too!

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     5 months ago in  Lyft lowering rates to 43.5 cents a mile in Florida & Vegas

    But they increased the per minute rate considerably as I understand it and ARE paying you from the time you accept the ping.  So now you DO get paid to go pick the passenger up, correct?

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     5 months ago in  Uber app clone?

    But why?  There are hundreds of code writing folks at Uber.  The app requires continual maintenance!  What would be the purpose?  Starting your own service???  Hope you have a few million laying around to invest in marketing!  We can't possible drive for less than we do now, so what exactly would be your "catch"...  why would people change to a different service?

  • If you went back 2-3 years, I would definitely have said Lyft was the nicer company.  They seemed to lend a caring ear to their drivers.  At one time, you always met with a mentor (whom Lyft paid) and also have a driving test and car inspection when you signed up.  That's how it was when I signed up even though I'd already been with Uber for a year.  But now that has changed (at least in our market)

    But today, honestly, they're both fighting for survival and profits and other than the reality that Lyft is generally less costly to the passenger (at least I've found that to be true in my market area), otherwise they're pretty much identical IMO.  

    I do believe you make a few more bucks driving for Uber, and you definitely have a much greater surge opportunity with Uber in my experience, although lately that seems to be much less.  perhaps too many drivers, perhaps a change in the algorythm.  

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     6 months ago in  What would your dream rideshare company look like drivers?

    I'm not a stock expert by ANY stretch of the imagination, but according to my findings, Uber's high is 47 and low is 36 and currently at 43.78.  Lyft on the other hand high is 88, low at 47 and currently at 63.34.  Perhaps I'm not evaluating this fairly since I don't understand all the ramifications, but it appears to me that Lyft is doing much better than Uber???

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     6 months ago in  What would your dream rideshare company look like drivers?

    Totally agree and it's surprising (and yet now) that Uber stock is doing rather poorly while Lyft is valued much higher.  I can't figure that out - in fact I can't quite figure why anyone chose to invest in either given the steady bleed of red ink.  

    While drivers desperately need increased rates, it would be nearly impossible to offer higher rates (thus higher prices to the customer) without also offering a premium level of service, and honestly the majority of folks won't take that route.  Cheap is king, especially among the weekend party crowds which is a huge percentage of rides.

    The only viable solution long term will be when Uber is willing to increase rates and thus Lyft will follow immediately like they always do.  I just can't imagine any other solution that will work.  

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     6 months ago in  What would your dream rideshare company look like drivers?

    Of course I would.  But ONLY if that company is doing some serious marketing to increase public awareness of their presence.  

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     6 months ago in  What would your dream rideshare company look like drivers?

    My plan is pretty simple.  Change EVERYTHING back to the plan we were on 3 years ago!  Published rates for passengers instead of this mystery guaranteed price program which clearly takes advantage of everyone, and for the life of me I don't know how they get away with not having published mile/minute rates for the customers.  Then change the drivers back to their original 80/20 split.  Change the rates back to what they were 3 years ago which is about double where they are today.  Change the surge back to a multiplier that everyone, including the passenger can see.  But also change the surge multiplier to NO MORE than a 3X with 2X being the typical surge rate and 3X being reserved for only the major surges.  Anything beyond a 3X is seriously gouging the customer!

    Additionally we should have yearly auto inspections both for safety as well as appearance!  Have mystery riders (Uber employee's or people they hire to make random inspections) that take rides and evaluate your driving as well as the overall condition of the vehicle.  

    Change the rating system to a simple "yes or no" and if responding with a "no" insist on commentary from the passenger as to the specifics and SHARE THOSE with the drivers.  Allow the drivers to respond and quit siding with the passengers and giving away the house!  Passengers have figured out how to get free rides and they DON'T CARE who it hurts!!!

    Lastly, improve your communication with the driver community.  Have more visibility.  Get rid of the foreign based support lines and the canned computer generated responses.  Give us a REAL English speaking person located in the US that we can speak with when we encounter an issue that requires a phone call.  (In my few thousand trips, never once have i needed to call.  I've emailed a couple of times and it was handled promptly)

    Lastly, increase your vetting of drivers.  Perhaps even charge an application fee to cover the costs so that the drivers have a vested interest in becoming a driver!  Let's genuinely consider a persons background and personal situation before we hire them to transport human lives!  Let the public know car seats are required, else develop Uber car seats (cars available with child seating) for an increased fee to cover the driver cost and inconvenience.  Let the public know that anyone under 18 requires an accompanying adult, and/or change the rules.  

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     6 months ago in  Uber starting subscription service for 24.99

    We will have to see how it rolls into each of our individual markets.  I'm confident it will be different in every city.  They tested it once in my market area (Cleveland, OH) and offered it to me - but i generally only use Uber/Lyft when I'm traveling with my day job which isn't that often so I wasn't interested.  But at that time it was discounted rides and there was a cap, although the end result was that you were still saving money over and above the monthly fee.  

    For a person that went out every weekend or traveled daily for work, it was a no-brainer.