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Safety Partitions

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 Posted 2 years, 7 months ago

The universal partition is one size for standard sized vehicles and for larger vehicles like Escalades, F150s we have an XL partition. All of our partitions are polycarbonate, universal /self-installable (removable) and straps directly to your headrest. The partition will have small 1-3inches of gaps ( a full hand should not be able to get through on most vehicles) on the side and ceiling, it provides shoulder up protection.

What is the partition? Universal Rideshare Safety Vehicle Partition goes across the back of front seats and is Removable/ Self-Installable. No matter who you transport, stay in control! The partition is polycarbonate /universal and fits most cars and SUVs and straps directly to your headrest.The Partition weighs 10lbs and is 12H x 4W x 47.06L (shoulder up protection). The optional middle piece is 15.5H x 10.37L (middle console protection attaches to the partition). The optional extension wings pieces are 11.5H x 2.75W x 23.5L (reduce ceiling /side gaps attaches to the partition).

Please Contact me @760-844-8944

Coleman Lauderdale

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