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Fold up wheelchair & passengers

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 Posted 2 months, 2 weeks ago

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Hello there. Wondering which size vehicle could accommodate us. Traveling with four adult passengers, a fold-up wheelchair, and 5 pieces of luggage. Uber XL?

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    704 Rider Guru
     2 months ago

    Uber XL will be an SUV. So it kind of depends on the size of your 5 pieces of luggage. 5 full-size suitcases plus a wheelchair will be a very tight fit in the back of an SUV. Maybe possible... 

    If you are in a reasonably populated area, and have a little flexibility on time, then what I would probably do is order the Uber XL. If you don't all fit, then order an Uber X at that time, and one or two of you stay behind to wait for it.

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     2 months ago

    Yeah, there is no way you'd fit in an UberX with all that luggage.  If you have a four passengers, that means all seats are full.