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Uber to Refresh it's Drivers Debit Card. Offering to Pay Drivers after Every trip. Up to 6% cash back on gas purchases.

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8199 Rider Driver
 Posted 2 years, 9 months ago

Uber getting into banking now. I know they were looking into pay day loans. What's next? The World According to Uber,  Uber's World, World Domination by Uber. Is there anything they don't want to be a part of? I know Dara wants to be the Amazon of Transportation but apparently he wants more. Is this to make investors happy since profitability isnt looking good in the near future? Is this suppose to make drivers happy? Rate increases is what the drivers really want. Or is this to control drivers more? Drivers cant get the debit card perks unless they maintain a 90% and above acceptance rate? What's the catch or what are they taking away from the drivers now? Are rates going to be cut again?  Drivers worry when Uber comes up with something that is supposed to be beneficial for them because as we drivers all know there will be a price to pay. 


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