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Hope drivers dont fall for this! Drivers will end up working for free. Is there anything this company wont do to screw over drivers???

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8153 Rider Driver
 Posted 5 months, 3 weeks ago

Just another way to not pay drivers. The interest will be so high drivers will be driving for weeks to pay loan off. Is there anything this company wont do? Dara must be getting desperate to turn a profit. Cant hold investors off forever. Dara has money now he is out for power. Wants to see his name everywhere. Talk about ego. This dude will stop at nothing. 

It's awful what they have done all ready with their leasing program. SMDH



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     5 months ago

    If you have to take out a loan to be an Uber driver you are really in trouble.

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      OP 8153 Rider Driver
       5 months ago  (edited 5 months ago)

      Agreed. Unfortunately for some drivers they need a repair on their car to be able to drive. Their credit may not be the best. Uber will make these loans look good and make it easy to get one.  My advice WATCH OUT. Look into everything and anything else before you borrow $ from them.  Exhaust every avenue before you accept money from them. The terms on their loans will be highway robbery. Yet they will get away with it like they get away with everything else. Uber needs to be profitable and its not looking good they are getting involved with whatever they can. I am sure the investors are going to stop believing the BS the CEO's are shoveling.