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     2 years ago in  $40 Tip!!

    I stopped driving when pandemic hit. However when I was driving Thanksgiving and night before were great nights to drive. Biggest tips $101.00 for a 5 min ride, $40,$40, and $35. 

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     2 years ago in  Car seat

    Uber Black SUV used to have a car seat option. Check the app.

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     3 years ago in  Is an Uber XL safer than Uber X during Covid?

    It can't hurt. 

  • Candy bars & cigarettes (when i used to smoke).

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     3 years ago in  Is an Uber XL safer than Uber X during Covid?

    The only reason I can see it being somewhat safer is you can sit in the very back. I use to drive Uber XL. I have a Honda Pilot which has a 3rd row of seats as do mini vans and other XL vehicles. Other than that your in a closed in vehicle not the best place to be. Wear a good mask, wash your hands, crack your window, don't touch your face or fiddle with your mask. Hopefully your driver doesn't have covid and sneezes or coughs. Hoping they sanitize their car also. That's about the best advice I can give you:) Stay safe.

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     4 years ago in  Ride to concert and back

    SORRY posted a reply then noticed the date of the post. Removed my reply

  • What was the purpose of Toyota doing this? Have you talked to them? I am trying to understand WTH they did that. Were they up to illegal stuff at the time? Has anyone questioned them? When signing paperwork at dealership they want the paperwork in perfect order signed in blood:) Wouldnt all of your paperwork have had the wrong info on it then? Didnt you notice that your yearly registration (if you have that in NY or FL) was wrong? How do you purchase a car with an expired license? I know you had a valid one in NY but you said they used the invalid FL license. Did you pay cash (dont expect you to answer this)? If you didnt why didnt the bank question this? How did any of the paperwork go through with an expired license? You cant even buy a pack of cigarettes with an expired license among many other simple things. People, places, companies will not take an expired license for ID. This all makes no sense. What am I missing? 

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     4 years ago in  Uber driver in another state while attending school

    Yes you can drive in PA and Delaware. You can drop off in NY but not pick up as you probably all ready know. A friend of mine also had a ride from EWR Airport to Connecticut & received a request while there. So I assume we can pick up there also. I am the opposite of you.  I live in Philly with PA license but drive in NJ. When I started driving 2.5 yrs ago I drove in Philly, surrounding areas, and Bucks County. After a year & a half I started driving in NJ. Been doing 98% of my driving in NJ for a little over a year. PA has no specific TL& C laws and neither does NJ. No special license or permits. Uber and Lyft send you ride request. Lyft & Uber has never questioned me or sent me any notices. My friend lives in PA Suburbs (Bucks County) he also drives in NJ no problem.   I dont think they care. I think certain areas like NY have specific laws as some other Cities/States do. That is why we cant drive in those Cities.

    Sign up where your permanent residence is. If you have a NJ license, registration, and inspection and sign up with a PA address it will be a nightmare. If you are just in PA for 2/4 yrs for school and you plan to go home for holidays and move back after you graduate just leave address, insurance, license, registration in NJ. Why change all that if its temporary. You dont need the added cost of all that paperwork & you would have to get s PA license. So not worth all that.  It's not against Uber or Lyfts TOS to live in one city or state (permanent residence) & drive in another state (for school, on vacation, or its a busier city or state). 

    Sorry my post are always long. If you have any further questions please feel free to post them & I will try to answer. If I dont know the answer I can direct you to someone who can help you. If you need any help or any tips be happy to help you:) Good Luck!

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     4 years ago in  Estimate Please..

    Ride Guru has a free fare estimator calculator. Click on RIDE at top left. Enter your location and destination. Rideshare companies, taxi, etc.... prices will come up. Its free and easy to use. 

  • If you get no hits here you can try Roadie or Task Rabbit. Task Rabbit may be your best option. If someone at the address can meet an Uber or Lyft and put them in the car you can request one of them. Put the pickup address to where they are and destination to where you are. Driver shows up someone gives them your package they bring it to you. Once driver accepts your request I would call or text them to let them know they are picking up jars not a person. Most drivers will do it if not illegal things. Good Luck. 

  • Uber and Lyft have ways to prevent drivers from doing this. You would have to use multiple rider accounts even then it would be difficult. Just about anything you think of trying to do to scam either of them they all ready know about. As a driver it would be easier & not cost you anything to figure out what you are doing wrong that people are rating you low. I know riders can be rough with ratings at times but for the most part if you are providing decent service your ratings will increase. He/she may be doing something wrong and not realize it. 

    There are plenty of tips here on guru by other drivers that can help keep your ratings up. If your friend needs help I can suggest a few good videos on YT, threads here on, or I can post suggestions. I have been driving for 2.5 yrs, have over 2600 trips, maintain a 4.96 on Uber (lowest has been 4.93). Lyft I have a 5.0 (they are easier to maintain high rating). My tips have been pretty good over the past year and I dont put signs up, have boxes, or ask for them. I know some drivers do this and they feel it works but in my market I feel it would backfire:) 

  • Its against TOS on Uber & Lyft to have someone in the car with the driver. Never get into a car that doesnt match up with what is in your app (license plate, make, model, pic) or if the driver has someone with them. If I were you I would report it to whichever company you used. Not sure about Lyft but on your rider app with Uber all your trips are saved. Its easy to go back in and send report. I do hear of some couples bringing their significant other for safety reasons but you never know they may have been up to something. We live in a crazy world with many evil people that are capable of doing sick, twisted things. We all make mistakes thankfully yours didnt have a bad ending. Happy you are ok but be careful when using rideshare. Unfortunately it's not always safe. Please consider reporting this to Uber/Lyft. You may just save someone's life. 

  • Uber and Lyft are not per person. Price is for car you request.

    Uber X and Lyft = up to 4 passengers + luggage

    Uber XL and Lyft XL = up to 6 passengers + luggage

    Uber Pool & Lyft Shared = 2 passengers

    FYI - TIP

    Make sure if you are ordering Uber X or Lyft you can also fit all your luggage. Often riders request an Uber X or Lyft for 4 passengers, 4 XL suitcases, duffel bags, lap top cases, and backpacks. If you have a decent amount of luggage you may want to go with XL. Its a few $''s more but much more comfortable. 

    A Ford Focus for example will fit 4 but can be a little cramped in backseat depending on size of people. If you have a lot of luggage & a bag or 2 that dont fit in trunk you dont really have the room in the car for it. All too often people dont realize that smaller cars are cramped enough with 3 med to large adults in backseat. Adding a few bags will only make it more uncomfortable. Dont waste your time or the drivers. Plan ahead. Will make life easier for you, friends/family and your driver. Driver gets there you cant fit everything you will be charged a cancel fee.

    4 riders + lots of luggage = uncomfortable trip

    Please consider tipping your driver unless there are issues (dirty car, rude driver driver, unsafe, etc) especially if they help with the luggage. Longer trips can cause driver to head back empty or to sit in an airport queue for up to 2 hrs until they get another ride:) It also takes time to load and unload 4 riders with luggage (lost time = lost $). Driver is making .10 /.20 per minute when idle.  Safe travels. 

    At the very least $3/$5    10% or more best:) 

    You be the judge (obviously:) 

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     4 years ago in  A ride home

    Order an Uber, Lyft, or cab. Ine will pick you up. 

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     4 years ago in  Uber rider ratings - harder to get/stay closer to 5 stars?

    There are really rude drivers out there that will rate under 5 stars if they think they are not getting a tip. I dont agree with these drivers and feel they are wrong. Riders have up to 30 days to tip. I see drivers complaining and giving less than 5 stars for not tipping cash. Again I disagree with those drivers. I think Uber and Lyft have used up their decent driver pool and scraping the barrel. Uber should give drivers 24 hrs to rate their passengers. Dont stress over the ratings. Your rating is still higher than most. I do get how you feel. As a driver it does get annoying when you have no idea what you did to get rated less than 5 stars.

  • What Uber and Lyft dont seem to realize is drivers do have influence over what company riders choose. I have talked to countless riders, family, friends, etc.... At one time riders had their loyalties. That isn't true nowadays. Now that both companies are well known, not many differences, & #deleteuber happened I found a surprising number of passengers listen to drivers. In the past 6 months I have been asking passengers why they choose one company over the other? The answer surprised me. Let me mention I drive in PA & NJ so answers could be different in other markets. Passengers responded "other drivers told me Lyft treats drivers better". I have never heard "Uber treats drivers better". So next time Uber and Lyft think we dont matter. Not only do we matter but we can and do have some influence on which company the paying passenger chooses. We can very easily convince a passenger on what company to use. Once price is taken out of the equation we can sell a passenger on either company its not hard. I have conversations with 99% of my passengers and I am sure many many other drivers do also. It's not difficult to talk up one company and put down another. In fact it's very easy. So not only can they not operate their business without us. Just a quick reminder those self driving cars are not quite going to be ready when Uber and Lyft thought they would be. We can have a big impact on what company a rider chooses. May be a good idea to keep drivers happy just sayin. 

    Lyft has the opportunity to get ahead. The press love to put out negative articles about Uber. Lyft is always in the shadows. They can treat drivers better if they choose. Not many drivers me definately me being one of them cannot stand Dara. Sounds like a win win for Lyft if they do it right. It could be Lyfts time to shine lets see if they can do it. 

  • Although it went too far (accidentally) I have to give Lyft credit for addressing the issue. Drivers have been asking both Uber and Lyft to stop allowing riders to use fake names. Uber has done nothing. 

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     4 years ago in  Uber, Lyft to stop Phoenix airport trips over higher fees

    They seem to be able to do what they want, when they want, and how they want. Some of it is finally catching up with them. Cities and drivers have had enough. If riders only realized how dishonest and sneaky they are. Dara's ego so big he thinks he can continue to stomp all over everyone in his path to achieve what he wants. The big prize "to be the Amazon of Transportation". I can see him waking up every morning staring in the mirror saying "I will make Uber be the one and only for ALL Transportation Needs", "I will be the world's most wealthiest and the most powerful man of the transportation industry", "I am the man".lol  Probably has stickies all over the house with positive afirmations all about himself and goals for Uber. Forgot one "I will make the drivers miserable for they stand in my way".  

    On a positive note Lyft has made some small improvements and increased some of our rates in Philly and NJ. Also giving points to drivers on trips to turn into Cash Bonus or Ride Credits. Keep going Lyft.

  • If you dont get enough feedback here go to You Tube there are people who do videos and offer good tips, tricks, etc... I dont do delivery so I will be of no help. 

  • Wouldn't you sell it off? I would have. He dont even trust Dara. Lol