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     3 hours ago in  Driver: Teresa in Belmont - Help!

    The only other suggestion I can give you but its a long shot is there is s You Tuber (Uber Tuber) from LA that does rideshare videos. You can try posting something on his YT Channel as I believe he is from LA or his FB group. YT Channel is  "The Rideshare Professor". It cant hurt. I assume he has a big following in LA. He has lots of subs. I am in Philadelphia sorry I cannot be of anymore help.


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     4 hours ago in  Driver: Teresa in Belmont - Help!

    I would try posting something on FB ask people to share the post. It will reach a bigger crowd. How did you get in touch with Lyft? If you email them it is probably being read by AI or their CS reps in another country. Go to Twitter and post. They tend to do something when someone post issues on there. They dont want the public (their riders) to think they dont handle things appropriately. They usually answer fairly quickly. Another option is to see if there is a Lyft Hub near you. If there is one you can get to that is another option. Have you called them? If all these suggestions fail I think you will have to go to police as one of these suggestions should help. If all this fails you can post again here and Ill try to see if I cant get in touch with them somehow. I have found a way to get in touch with an English speaking representative here in the states. If it still works. 

  • Agreed. Unfortunately for some drivers they need a repair on their car to be able to drive. Their credit may not be the best. Uber will make these loans look good and make it easy to get one.  My advice WATCH OUT. Look into everything and anything else before you borrow $ from them.  Exhaust every avenue before you accept money from them. The terms on their loans will be highway robbery. Yet they will get away with it like they get away with everything else. Uber needs to be profitable and its not looking good they are getting involved with whatever they can. I am sure the investors are going to stop believing the BS the CEO's are shoveling. 

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     1 day ago in  Rideshare Driver Questionnaire

    I cant see how to fix this. NYC for example no where to park to get out to use a RE especially if you dont know the city. I've trued those apps they have for finding a bathroom and they suck. Certain parts of Philly they no longer allow people to use the restrooms because the addicts was either shooting up drugs or they were finding addicts OD or dead. Sad. I dont see a fix for this situation. Even if you find a bathroom most are filthy. Best of luck. It would be awesome if someone could come up with a solution. 

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     1 day ago in  Rideshare Driver Questionnaire

    I cant pee in a bottle:) They do make female urine bags and puke bags can be used also. Still you would have to find a place to be able to stand and not be seen. Lol Guys can yse whats called a Texas Catheter. Looks like a condom attached to a bag. The male puts it in like a condom and straps bag to his leg. We used them in the hospital. Only draw back was they didnt always stay secure for obvious reasons:) Years ago (dont know if they still do) they marketed them as "Stadium Buddy" a male could go to a football game and not have to get up to use bathroom. Dont know if this became "a thing" but sounds totally ridiculous & lazy to me. Lol 

    Lyft was supposed to start putting portable toilets around with food trucks and little rest areas. Dont remember where they were doing this. They couldnt put enough around to help every driver. Just like Ubers snack thing they added. Everytime I go offline I can click "get a snack". You get a free soda and if you are up there on Uber pro you can get a free cookie. Lol This idea is laughable at best. For the hell of it I click get a snack once in awhile to see how far it is to get a free soda (don't drink soda) coffee or tea would be a better option IMO. I've tried it in many different areas the closest I have come to a Subway (that seems to be the go to place here in Philly and NJ) is 12 miles away. Who in their right mind would drive 12 miles for a sida and a cookie? They need to add more places and offer better drinks especially since winter is coming:) Nice try Uber. 

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     1 day ago in  Is there really an Uber for dogs?

    My neighbor did this for a few months. Enjoyed it as it got her out of the house and people usually tipped her everytime. She had a dog so went out fir walks anyway. Good idea for retired people or kids in college.  On inclement weather days she stayed home. If you like animals, want to make a few $, and get some exercise not a bad idea. Big cities where people have $, work long hrs, and dont have a park very close must be good places to do this.

    UBER ADDS BRING YOUR PET - non service animals

     Last month in Philly Uber added "pets". You can opt in or opt out. If someone wants to bring a pet along thats not a service animal the rider can order an Uber for a few dollars more to bring the animal. It alerts the driver and you get a few $ more. I cant see people paying the extra $ as they just bring the animal anyway or says its a service animal. The few people that have brought non service animals along usually asked before they tried putting them in to my car. 

    I had one lady literally toss 2 smalls dogs in my car with wet paws, say "ill be back" and went back inside the house. The one dog jumped in my lap with wet paws. The first 20 min into the ride was really strange. She brought 3 bags of unooened mail with her and proceeded to open it & rip it up all over my back seat as she talked in a child's voice to the dogs". I thought I was in an episide of "Pranked".  Then she asked to stop & get coffee. We pull up I park, a few minutes go by she asks "are you going in for me"? I said no as I was not leaving my car unattended with a stranger. She took the one dog & tossed her into my lap & said "guess you are holding her then". Again wet dog in my lap. Things got stranger right after getting her coffee. Too much to get into as this post is long enough:) Ten minutes after her getting her coffee things took a turn. She became normal. Cleaned up every last scrap of mail, stopped talking to dogs in child like voice, and had a normal intelligent conversation. She either desperately needed her Starbucks coffee in the morning or she took her meds once she got the coffee. Who knew Starbucks coffee can help someone that much:) She did add a 25% tip at end of ride. 

  • Knew it was only a matter of time before the noise became annoying. As for the crash a helicopter (not Uber) did crash in NY over the summer. Yes it was a mess. Yes someone was killed. I'll search for article a little later and atrach it to the post.

  • Thank you for sharing. When I head out at 1am to pick up mostly male passengers you know what will be running through my head. Thanks for those thoughts:) BTW I drive on very dark deserted streets in the middle of nowhere with no street lights. There is the occassional cop that is hiding but he is probably napping also. We need to get bullet proof plexiglass dividers in our cars with seperate locks on front passenger & drivers doors:) So ridiculous that we have to put up with all the BS & then the cherry on top is worrying about getting raped, shot, stabbed, robbed, and the list goes on. 

    When I have a few minutes on my break tonight I have some interesting screenshots. They fell into my hands proving Uber is showing a $8 surge but charging rider much more for that surge. I have 2 other instances of them doing it on 2 other Saturday nights also. 

    There is also a message sent to CS. Instead of them actually looking into the issue they just sent the rider a BS answer. It would've cost the driver his tip but the rider wasnt buying the answer they got from CS and finally got the tip to go through. You know all those riders "I'll tip you in the app" and dont? Some may actually be telling the truth but because of a glitch they cant tip or because Uber Support lied about why they couldnt tip. I get a majority of them really have no intention on tipping. Lets just say 1 in 10 actually will tip but because of Uber Support they cant. How much is the driver losing everyday? This just gets more frustrating everyday. Love when Uber CS says "I understand your frustration" or "I am sorry for your frustration". NO you dont understand unless you drive for Uber. Your not sorry because you dont actually try and find the answer or you dont actually fix the problem. Again more frustrating everyday.  Then there is a bridge that started charging a toll back in July 2019. Numerous messages have been sent, screenshots have been sent of the new toll, the bridge, the price, etc... Countless messages have to be sent because no driver automatically gets reimbursed like we are suppose to.  We have to reach out to support to get it. It usually involves sending 1 to 3 messages to receive toll. It just doesnt stop. Ill post all this overnight and during the day tomorrow.  

  • If they offered it in my market I would definitely decline the rides in bad hoods. There are particular neighborhoods that you need a bullet proof car, full body armor, and you better be carrying (of course this is against Uber's TOS). I know Uber & Lyft would call this destination discrimination but no amount of $ is worth my life or anyone elses. In Philly someone is shot or stabbed almost everyday here. Not only is adults being murdered but kids are getting shot & killed in the crossfire. No where is 100% safe but to purposely drive in some of these hoods is suicide.   

    I wait for rides in a safe neighborhood in a WaWa parking lot. I got to know the market I drive in very well.  I can tell on a majority of my request where the destination will be by the time of day/night it is, where I am positioned, and where I am picking up from.  Unfortunately I can only tell on 40+ min trips on Uber & 30+/45+ min trips on Lyft. I like long trips but sometimes I may have a 15/20 min wait time for these trips. Anytime the wait time exceeds 20 min I relocate a few miles away. During times I have a 15/20 min wait I try to do constructive things. Vacuum the car, clean/detail the inside, waterless car wash it, stretch, take a walk, read, or catch up with emails & texts, pay bills. When I get home I then have free time all my other things that keep me busy at home are done. By driving this way, looking at passenger ratings, and not picking riders up with fake names I feel safer on the road. I have 4 kids (3 are adults). I do not want them to wake up to police knocking at their door to be told their mom is dead. She took a rider to North Philly (Heroin Hub of the Eastern part of US) and was caught in the crossfire of a gun fight over drugs.

     With that being said I would definitely use that info to stay out of certain areas. I cannot blame any driver who dont want to go to those hoods. Uber & Lyft dont dont care about the drivers. They dont care if we die, where they are asking us to drive. It is against their TOS to protect ourselves. It's right there in black & white NO WEAPONS. 

    I have to ask what is CA drivers going to lose to get this info? What is the price they will pay for it? As soon as Uber sees there is any type of issue for them or the rider will they take it away?  Anything Uber or Lyft gives to benefit a driver it comes with a price tag. How high will this one be? I hope it does work out for the drivers and they dont lose anything because of it. 

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     2 days ago in  Ride cost

    No its not per person. Uber pool is you +1, Uber X up to 4 riders, Uber XL up to 6 people. Lyft shared you +1, Lyft up to 4, Lyft XL up to 6 people. 

    There are Uber Black Car (4) Uber Black SUV (6) these 2 choices are more expensive but Car/SUV are new higher end vehicles. 

    You can get fares here on by entering your location and destination. Just click on Ride on top left. 

  • I very rarely used public restrooms in the past unless an absolute emergency. After driving these past few years there hasn't been much of a choice. I've discovered that it is very rare people wash their hands including employees that touch your food. The ones that do rinse them under cold water with many not even with soap. I've worked in the health care field since the age of 14. I am sure I dont need to remind anyone of the germs and bacteria that is in a bathroom.  I just cannot understand why when using a public restroom why you would not wash your hands. It's absolutely disgusting. Not only is that disgusting bit the other things I have seen are more disgusting. Unflushed toilets, feces on the seat, on the walls, urine on the seat & floor etc... Still trying to understand what kind of person thinks this ok. IAs anyone who follows ride guru I dont stand up for Uber. This may be the 2nd time. However this time I get it. With that being said I totally understand why Uber or any company would have separate bathrooms. You may not be that type of person who does the things I mentioned above but trust me there are people out there who are disgusting with very questionable or no good hygiene habits. 

  • Did anyone drive on Wednesday? Did you drive at night dropping off or picking up from bars? I decided to stay away from bar trips. Didnt feel like dealing with drunks. Did my regular airport pick ups (no queue where I pick up from) and drop offs. Had all great riders. Traffic wasn't too bad. All long rides 35+ min. I had one rider that didnt tip. Two of my riders tipped me $20 one was a $35 ride the other was $37. The rest were 20%. All my rides were on Lyft except 1. The Uber rider did tip he was one of my $20 tippers. The 1 ride that didnt tip was Lyft. Hoping the rest of the weekend is somewhat busy with everyone going home or coming back. Be nice if tips like that continue through the holidays. Hope everyone had a nice holiday and made good money.  

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     1 week ago in  Zones, # number of drivers online

    What do you need help with? 

  • Was driving the day before Thanksgiving. All but one of my rides tipped 20%. Two of my riders tipped me $20.00 for a $37.00 and $35.00 ride. Would've been nice to be able to say Thank You. Uber and Lyft could put a few messages that we could click on. They have have badges to click on and notes they can text for passengers to send drivers. Dont see why they cant do something like that for drivers to send passengers.. 

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     1 week ago in  How can I specify a female driver?

    I am not making light of your situation. It's awful that these things happen to you. However if you want to fight ignorance or bring awareness you may want to approach it slightly different. People will take you more serious without the expletive language. Its best to educate people not preach at them. You bring up valid points. Just come at it in a better manner. Just saying. 

  • Download Uber and/or Lyft app. You csn then get a ride

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     1 week ago in  book a ride

    Download Uber and/or Lyft app to get a ride now.

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     1 week ago in  Urgent need ride to Parlin NJ

    Why not just order an Uber or Lyft? If you find a driver you like talk to them and see if they would be interested. I understand since its everyday to & from it would be easier to have same driver   Is Parlin in NY? On GPS it comes up as NY. NJ isnt even an option for Parlin. I drive Princeton - Newark. If I come across any drivers that would be interested I will refer them to your post. Please clarify the Parlin NJ/NY thing please.  You may want to take your phone number down and post an email address. This site has decent people on it but you never know. Just a suggestion. 

  • If you have the updated rider app and scheduling is available in your area the scheduling icon is on the right. Messy red box. Sorry didnt have time to color neatly.

  • I am so over this thread:)