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Want to See Where Your Rider is Going? You May Be Able to Now [RSG]

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 Posted 3 years, 10 months ago

Great article on how Uber and Lyft are starting to show more information before the driver accepts the ride.  All experimental so far, but this explains it well. (Full Article)

"Want to See Where Your Rider is Going? You May Be Able to Now
Have you ever wished you could see where your passenger is going before you accept the ride? It’s one of many features drivers wish Uber and Lyft would add, but Uber and Lyft have resisted adding it… until now. Today, senior RSG contributor Christian Perea discusses the new feature Uber and Lyft may be adding to the Uber and Lyft driver apps.

Over the last month, Uber and Lyft have both been piloting a new feature that allows drivers to see more information about their trips before they accept them. The pilot provides drivers with the estimated duration of trip, and Uber’s in particular will even tell you the general direction of the request so the driver will know what to expect – all on the acceptance screen."

Some take aways from the article:

- Uber’s Pilot Shows Expected Time AND Direction.

- Uber is currently testing Estimated Trip Duration & Direction in the following cities: Orlando, New Jersey, Nashville, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Baltimore, Tulsa

- In order for drivers to see this information, they must maintain an Acceptance Rate of 80% or higher. 

Lyft’s version of this test will tell you the trip duration as long as you are a driver with Platinum status with Lyft.

Some screenshots


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