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What do I need to make an app like Uber?

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 Posted 3 years, 3 months ago

Uber is the buzzword in the taxi industry and building an Uber-like app for your taxi business can help you to streamline everyday operations and boost overall efficiency. The following functionalities are necessary to build an app like Uber.

GPS tracking

As taxi businesses relate to location-based services, map integration is mandatory to help drivers navigate between locations and provide passengers with access to drivers’ location. Also, with the location-based matching mechanism, a ride is assigned to the nearest driver when a customer places a request.

In-app chat & notification

Develop codes to be integrated with a cloud-based communication platform like Twilio or Nexto to promote better communication between passengers and drivers through in-app messaging/ calling and push notifications.

Design and UI

This is the phase where everything about the appearance of your taxi app- from passenger app to admin backend panel- is taken care of. Make sure the app is both user-friendly and attractive.

Payment gateway integration

Payment gateway integration is the key functionality that automates ride fare payment through various online payment channels. To proceed with payment gateway integration, taxi service providers have to ensure that they rightly comply with the legal policies of their service locations.

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