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How can I create an app like Uber?

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 Posted 4 years, 2 months ago

An Uber-like app has become a necessity with the taxi business going digital over the past few years. With your own Uber-like taxi application, you can increase your online visibility and engage more customers.

There are several Uber clone service providers out there and taking professional assistance is the best choice to create your Uber like app. To select the best out of them, you have to be clear with your requirements in the first place.

An Uber-like taxi solution usually comes with passenger app, driver app and admin panel.  The individual apps help the players to book, accept and assign rides at ease. Individual profiles are created for the passengers and drivers once they register on to the corresponding apps. User profile creation helps the admin to keep track of the number of users for his taxi solution. He can also add/ delete drivers as per his business needs.

GPS tracking is mandatory for a taxi booking/ dispatch application. It is with GPS, the passenger and driver get access to each other’s location in real-time. Similarly, it allows the admin to track rides.

Payment gateway integration is an add-on to convenient rides. Provide multiple payment choices such as credit/ debit card, in-app wallet, cash and much more to help your customers to pay for their rides easily.


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