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What is the Taxi Dispatch software?

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 Posted 3 months, 3 weeks ago

A taxi dispatch software is a digital solution that simplifies everything from taxi booking to dispatch, all on a single platform. It automates business for taxi service providers, increases opportunities for drivers and improves transparency for customers. A comprehensive taxi dispatch software usually comes with three separate applications; passenger app, driver app and admin panel.

Passenger app

Driver app

Admin panel

Need a tailor-made taxi dispatch software to streamline your taxi business operations? Try a 15-day free trial at TaxiMobility.


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    1 Rider Driver Driver
     3 months ago

    Hi There,

    If you are already in the taxi business or want to start a taxi business? then, take a look at SpotnRides taxi dispatch software. It will give an intuitive user experience to customers with features like multiple payment systems, analytics dashboard,