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How much does Uber cost? How do I order a Lyft car? Which is cheaper, Uber or Taxi?

RideGuru is the trusted resource, tool, and community for everyone engaged in rideshares, ridehails, taxis, and limos. Its price comparison tool gives accurate fare estimates and ride-hailing information to help you get where you want to go. RideGuru is capable of calculating estimated fares for a wide variety of ridehail (also known as rideshare) services worldwide, such as Uber, Lyft, Curb, Ola, Didi Kauidi. Traveling across the globe? Need an Uber estimate? RideGuru will find the best solution for you to get around cheaply and safely. Then, hail your ride right from RideGuru.

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Check Availability & Compare Fares

Which rideshare and ridehail options are available to you? How much do they cost and how do they compare? Enter your designated route into the RideGuru Calculator to find out.

RideGuru compares estimated prices for a multitude of taxi and ridehail services such as Uber, Lyft, Ola, and Didi Kauidi for thousands of locations worldwide. Furthermore, RideGuru gives you an entire breakdown of fares, including how much your driver is actually making from your fare versus how much is going to the company.

  • Fare comparison of ridehail/rideshare companies
  • Detailed comparison of car types & services
  • Driver pay-out calculator
  • Availability of services
  • Hail/Dispatch a service directly from RideGuru

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Ask a Ride Guru

Do you have questions about rideshares, ridehails, and/or taxis? You've come to the right place. Whether your question is super-easy, a mind-twister, or obscure, one of our Gurus will find and provide the best answer for you. Our community of Gurus includes experienced riders, seasoned drivers, and industry experts.

  • Can I take my dog in an Uber?
  • What are the requirements to drive for Lyft?
  • Which rideshare company pays their drivers the most?
  • What are Surge Pricing and Prime Time fares?

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Rideshare/Ridehail 101

New to ridehails and rideshares? Never heard of Uber and Lyft? Interested in driving? Not sure how to start? This is a great place to learn all the basics of ridesharing.

  • What are rideshares and ridehails?
  • How many rideshare companies are there in my area?
  • How are ridehail prices calculated? Are they different from company to company?
  • How do I sign up and download the correct applications?
  • Which rideshare companies can pickup at my airport?

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"Better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times" #WanderlustWednesday

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Is Uber Overcharging Riders (and Secretly Pocketing Money that Belongs to Drivers)?

1 day, 10 hours ago

 Hi RideGuru Fans, Harry here! I want to share a topic with you today that is really hot right now. A few months ago, Uber changed their pricing model for most major markets to an “upfront fare” pricing system. Instead of showing passengers the rates per minute and per mile, Uber now gives passengers a steadfast fare quote after they enter their dropoff location.

While upfront fares seem convenient for passengers, we started to notice that through this new system Uber was not being 100% transparent and in many cases overcharging passengers without paying drivers the difference. To test this ...

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Keep Rideshares Transparent (Video)

5 days, 14 hours ago

Do you want to know which rideshare services have the best prices? Or which companies give back the most to their drivers?

With so many rideshare options on the marketplace, it can be hard to narrow down your choices and find the best car service for your trip. Riders deserve the right to compare prices and have the necessary information available to shop around. Likewise, drivers should be able to easily find out which companies will treat them the best.

Check out this video to learn about the importance of rideshare transparency for both riders and drivers - and how RideGuru ...

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RideGuru is Live!

1 week, 1 day ago

Today is the day, RideGuru is officially live! We are excited to share this initiative with the world and we cannot thank our fans enough for helping to make RideGuru a reality.

RideGuru is not only a rideshare fare comparison calculator, it is a community. Through our extensive newsroom, rideshare 101 help pages, and “Ask a Ride Guru” Q&A platform, RideGuru is ready to help both riders and drivers. We hope to not only create a space for riders and drivers to find answers, but also an area where riders and drivers can connect with one another, learn together, and ...

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The Future of Driverless Cars

1 week, 3 days ago

driverless cars

What is the future of driverless cars? There has been much talk about the topic, but we wanted to compile a list of what companies are involved in the movement, and when we can expect to see driverless cars on the road.

One of the major company duos in the driverless car industry are General Motors Co. and Lyft Inc.. In the next year GM and Lyft plan to begin testing on a fleet of self-driving taxis on public roads. These Chevrolet Bolt electric taxis may be in competition with other Silicon Valley companies also trying to enter into the ...

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Ride.Guru supports thousands of cities all over the world. Here are just a few.

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  • Istanbul, Turkey
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  • Jakarta, Capital Region, Indonesia
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  • New York, NY
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  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Raleigh, NC
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  • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Rome, Italy
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  • San Antonio, TX
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