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     4 years ago in  Uber Event created, does that guarantee a driver?

    Random question. In your example, if the surge takes the fare from 12 to 36, does the driver keep the whole 24 increase?  Or does Uber also takes a cut from that portion?

    No, I know nothing. 

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     5 years ago in  Launch an UBER APP for your Business

    Can someone tell me if this site or service is legit?  Like everyone else,  do have Uber for X ideas, and I'd love to see what kind of investment this would take.

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     5 years ago in  Can a parent order Uber or Lyft for a teenager? My kids?

    I can get on board with this. I think we should petition it. Let's just say that minors can take it if they have a driver's license. or keep it simple and make it 16, like it is in most states.

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     5 years ago in  How do I pay for tolls?

    Wow, you had to eat the tolls as a limo driver?  That's insane.  George Washington Bridge and other NYC tunnels are $15!!!  (maybe more for livery drivers)

    You'd lose on every fare to New Jersey.

  • That is awesome.  Can't make this stuff up.  

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     5 years ago in  What does the tipping screen look like in the Uber app?

    I’m tired of tipping people for doing their job.  I would rather they raise their rates and prohibit tipping in general.  

    Why leave it to the consumers to decide how much a service should cost?

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     5 years ago in  Hitting others and being hit as a driver

    Well, if they aren't paying to cover the lost wages, why the the incurance carrier care how long it takes?

  • This isn't a story driving an Uber. In fact, it wasn't even me driving.

    It was when I was 16 or something. My mom and I was coming off of a court after a pickup game and were catching our breaths at a picnic table.  It was like 9:00PM, not even that late. Still some leftover sun in the sky.  

    This was one of those large parks that were popular for dog walkers and there were like 2~3 baseball fields. We were sitting there facing our car about 30 feet away.  The lot was pretty open, but there was this beat up Honda that was circling the lot.  We knew because we saw it a few times drive by us.  Not close, but close enough for us to know that it was the same car "circling."

    It slowly drove by our car.  Then over to another car.   We immediately knew there was something wrong.   We have no idea what these guys were up to, but it couldn't be good.

    That's when my mom said, "Pick up your stuff. We should go."  and we pretty much darted towards the car. The moment we were in the car, my mom told me to buckle up (and this was back when I was little, and we didn't always wear seatbelts).  and as soon as I clicked the belt, she floored it. Directly to the exit of the entrance, ignoring all the lines in the parking lot.

    The problem?  You guessed it.  The Honda was blocking us by driving slowly near the entrance.  I got super scared, grabbed my mom and screamed.  She never let up the gas and kept on driving.

    The Honda obviously noticed our roaring engine, and quickly rev'd and got out of the way.  We passed by them serious several feet away.  I was too scared to look, and my mom I don't think looked either.  We kept on driving to the police station and reported this and filed a formal report.

    The police officer said we did the right thing.  Once calm, my mom was a bit worried that she overreacted and that she endangered ourselves and perhaps another bystander (the Honda), but the officer said it should have been self-defense if we had hit them. 

    I am still proud of my mother for realizing the situation and acting upon it to keep me (us) safe.  I will never forget that lesson she taught me that night.   I love you, mom.  So brave.  So smart.