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Launch an UBER APP for your Business

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 Posted 6 months ago

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Just saw this being advertised.

...looking at this big list reminded me: RideGuru - Uber for XYZ - The Big List 

I wonder if it works.  I almost do feel this is a repeatable business model where the software platform can be re-used. Am I right?


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    1 Rider
     5 months ago

    Before the time of app-based taxi booking apps development came in, people had only three choices: hire a taxi, call a friendly driver to pick you up or call a taxi booking company. Taxi booking agencies were famous in the pre-Uber era.

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     6 months ago

    Can someone tell me if this site or service is legit?  Like everyone else,  do have Uber for X ideas, and I'd love to see what kind of investment this would take.

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     6 months ago

    It seems like a lot of these "uber for X" type apps have somewhat similar requirements, but are different enough that I think this would require a somewhat bespoke solution for each. So maybe the base platform can be reused but there will be a lot of customization for each. And they'll each have different scaling requirements. Tricky business.

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    163 Rider Driver
     6 months ago

    Yeah I could see it working. Big job but definitely possible.

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    701 Rider Guru
     6 months ago

    This seems like a pipe dream to me. Good luck.

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    159 Driver
     6 months ago

    It's a stupid business model.