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Can a Uber driver be arrested and held responsible, if he is pulled over and the rider had drugs in their possession?

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 Posted 5 years, 7 months ago

What happens in this case? Let's say it was a routine traffic spot, the driver has no drugs on him or her, but the passenger gets busted for having drugs on them?

It's obviously not the fault of the driver, but I have heard cases where the driver was held responsible even though he had no knowledge of their, say, friends having drugs on them.


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    810 Driver
     5 years ago

    Would that apply to Greyhound bus drivers and Train operators?

    I realize in the car a passenger can set up a driver by throwing the bag under the seat, but fingerprints would show otherwise, still no fun for driver in this situation. Drivers pass background chack, though I realize a very water down one, but I would imagine Police would primarily suspect the passenegr who will act nervous vs. drive who has not hing to hide. Hopefully driver has a dashcam that looks in and out

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     2 years ago

    My son was held responsible. He was charged with a DUI, cost him $1000. And a DUI on his record.  When the 2 occupants got in the car , he told them they could not smoke it in the car. He said they were both high and reeked of it. Dropped them off at the motel. As he was driving to his next call, there was a DUI CHECK POINT. He was stopped . The officer said he smelled marijuana. My son said he doesn’t smoke and the officer asked why is there a bag of pot on your back seat? Even though he told the officer the story it didn’t make a difference.   Pittsburgh Pa

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     5 years ago

    Smart and evil passenger would throw the bag of drug under your vehicle's seat. That could get ugly as then it becomes the matter his word against mine? What a dreadful thought.

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     5 years ago

    I am not a lawyer but I can't imagine the driver being held responsible for the passenger being in posession of illegal goods. I would think the police officers will understand that the Uber driver has no control or limited control over what the rider is carrying. They cannot be expected to know and as a service provider, the enforcement is not their responsibility.

    I understand why the question is being asked though. I too have heard scenarios where the driver got arrested for his friend having drugs on them.
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     5 years ago

    I would hope that any police officer would see you are an uber driver and would asses the situation. In the end the persons finger prints would be on the drugs and yours wouldnt...