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Can i drive for Uber on Cape Cod if i live in Conn?

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 Posted 5 years, 3 months ago

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     5 years ago

    I am registered in Philadelphia and according to Uber I can pick up in all of PA, NJ and DE

    So it is best to call Uber to see if your desired pick up location is covered.

    I do a lot of my driving in NJ and even though it pays less, there is also less traffic and headaches than in center city Phila.

    At one point I was even considering to switch my registration zone to NJ but Uber told me it will take 3 weeks and will have to take me completely off line while they re run background check. Why not run my background check in the background and just do an overnight switch bs taking me off line completely does not make sense lol

    Anyway, they told me if I register in NJ I can only pick up in NJ - is that right?

    I imagine any NJ registered driver could log in to their account on Uber website and see the pick up locations available Uner Fares.

    Seems strange that NJ drivwrs can only pick up in NJ so I stayed on Philly registration

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       4 years ago

      My app shows me offline when I'm in NJ. Did you need to have Uber add NJ for you?