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Lilly has been involved with the taxi and rideshare industry for 6 years. Over the years Lilly has led the many operational aspects of growing and building Ride.Guru. Through marketing efforts and rideshare data management, Lilly has developed relationships with various taxi and rideshare companies across the globe. Furthermore, Lilly leads the support team for both TaxiFareFinder and RideGuru and has years of experience answering the toughest rideshare and taxi questions!


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  • Here is the full review after he gave it a go for a week. 

    Top Takeaways

    • Pay is comparable but the rideshare bonuses really tilt the scales!  Uber and Lyft pay top drivers up to $500 per week on top of fares just to get them out on the road.

    • Taxi passengers tended to be older, more mature and far more interesting.  Many of them had a strong anti Uber and Lyft bias because of the increased congestion associated with rideshare.

    • The taxi sign-up process is much more onerous even though both rideshare drivers and taxi drivers are doing the exact same job.  Jay had to submit fingerprints, a drug test, online training and even submit a few paper forms.

    • It requires far more skill to be a good taxi driver than a good Uber/Lyft driver.