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     1 week ago in  advanced booking


    I suggest doing it on Lyft though, then drivers can see the ride on the job board and being that it is a long, profitable ride, some driver will snag it in seconds and will be there to get you

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     2 weeks ago in  How low is too low (Passenger rating)

    Rating lower for no cash tip is stupid indeed

    On Lyft I wait 24 hours before rating and if no tip on long ride heybgwt a 4

    On Uber rating system should also allow to wait to rate passengers 24 hours but that is not the case, so I typically take them all 5 unless they did something to really deserve lower.

    Cash tip is a suggestion to low rate passengers to quickly. Ring their rating up so driver does not have to guess whether to rate them lower or not. 

    Once rating is back up then passenger can switch to again tip or not tip through app;)

  • The chart maybe accurate as far as tip % to cab drivers. Cab drivers on the forum may be able to confirm if 90% of passengers tip them, maybe that use to be the case prior to rideshare, but now with rideshare around I bet it changed in a negative way.. Rideshare drivers would not fall into same category as cab drivers by any stretch in this chart. We need our own category and the percentage of tipping passengers would probably be no more that 30 (and I am being generous).

    If passengers being accustomed these days to not tip rideshare drivers and occasionaly order a cab, I bet their cheapness travels with them and even the cab drivers will now get less tips because of it.

    I do not think I will ever see a cultural shift with passengers enough to have rideshare drivers in a similar chart with tipping passengers in 60/70% range

  • Sometimes I get asked by rider "What platform do you like better as a driver"

    I typically tell them that they are both about the same for me (Lyft and Uber copy each other for rates), include some examples, such as Lyft pays driver same on Shared rides as regular *by subsidizing the ride) where Uber does not. I also tell them that Lyft displays a long ride notification even on destination filter, then go on to explain that I like doing longer rides better, as I make more money from longer rides, car uses less gas, less wear tear, and passengers seem to tip a bit better on longer rides with Lyft more than Uber, etc.

    I may even give an example of a short ride and a long ride as to what a driver makes

    On short ride, say driver needs to spend 15 minutes to get to passenger, then wait for them for 5 minutes then drive them 2 miles down pot holes and stop signs and red light cameras in heavy city traffic that takes another 10 minutes at the end making $3.56

    On a long ride I would say a 45 mile ride like say I did yesterday that took me same time to complete as the short one I would make $40.00 and if passenger is feeling generous ant tips on top of that long ride, that brings my total per ride even higher.

    So if a passenger asked a question, and got a response along the lines of what I listed above.

    Is all passenger really getting out of the answer is  that "the driver somehow is sending that passenger a hidden message to tip at the end of the ride"?

  • Unbuckled rear seat passenger will become a projectile in an accident and the first thing their head will hit on their way out the windshield is the back of the driver's or front passenger's head as they would have been buckled and stayed in their seats. So if your headrest is not high enough - pick it up :)

  • Probably comes down to passengers still not being accustomed to tipping rideshare drivers or are just plain cheap.

    It will take time until cultural shift kicks in. A pizza delivery driver who drives a pie a few miles from point A to point B must be tipped (because this is a custom in US), driver hauling a passenger and their bags and their kids safely from point A to point B (not so much) :)

    Some months back was driving two millenials from train station in NJ to Philadelphia, they ordered a pizza during a ride so it could be delivered to their home by time I got them there. They were asking the pizza clerk if they could leave a tip for driver over phone. No tip for me though :) because all I did was delivered their cheap asses safely in the rain from Point A to point B :)

  • In NJ not wearing a seat belt by driver or passenger is considered a primary offense, which means you can be pulled over just for that. I have a small pamflet affixed to back seat pocket facing right rear passenger stating that. I do not enforce it but they are now informed. In PA it is a secondary offence

  • I drove two 20 somethings sisters o a long ride, at one point they asked me if they are being recorded, I said yes and reassured them that all footage gets written over every 24 hours. And that I did not need their permission in NJ or any state for that matter. They understood it was for everyone's safety but started texting each other instead of talking, or perhaps they were googling whether I really did not need their consent to record interior of my car - lol:), then they finally loosened back up, maybe found the answer that matched what I told them and were fine talking. Even tipped me $15.00 so I know all was cool

  • Out of curiosity, would a bellboy who handles luggage at hotel for 2 minutes or a door man in an apartment complex that holds a door open for 7 seconds deserve a tip just for doing their job?

    If yes, then why would not a driver who not only helps with luggage but also hauls the passenger in their car deserve a tip?

    I do not think it is necessary to jump out of the car, run around and hold door open for passenger, unless passenger is handicapped or elderly.  Especially when drivers have to stop in the middle of the busy street to pick up a passenger.

    It just feels that cheap passengers (not you since you tip 98% of the time) are just looking for excuses to make it seem ok not to tip.

    So if 98% of rides result in a passenger tipping, this tells me most drivers are shining stars:)

    If only 98% of all passengers tipped 98% I think we would be in good shape:)

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     2 weeks ago in  Why can a rider rate me who has never entered my car?

    Uber or Lyft ?

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     2 weeks ago in  Cargo and other snack services for Rideshare

    My issue is if all these food items sit in the car during the day when you do not drive and get hot on a summer day, melt or become spoiled, passenger who buys it, gets sick there gonyour profits and rating

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     3 weeks ago in  Why can a rider rate me who has never entered my car?

    Good that you figured out to stay away from pools and shared ;)

    Uber actually called you? Wow I did not think they call, usually only see them communicate via text and email 

    Glad they reactivated you

    Of course you can give uber rides to your family. Uber makes money from every ride ;)

    As long as your family member orders  Uber just like any passenger would.

    What you are referring to probably is that you may not have your family just joyriding  as a passenger in car while you have app on and accept a ride. No passenger who orders Uber X wants a driver to pull up to get them and there is someone else in car  besides the driver. 

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     3 weeks ago in  Why can a rider rate me who has never entered my car?

    Here is some more relevant info from my recent exchange with Lyft (Lyft's response below), but am sure it works similarly with Uber

    "Thank you for getting back to us and providing extra information about why you want to know your cancellation rate.

    Even though when you cancel a ride this will affect you, this is not the way we measure the statistics for canceled rides.

    If in case you have received a warning, strike, suspension or deactivation, this is not because of a high cancellation rate,
    this is measured as a "low acceptance rate".

    We do not have an exact metric that establish how many canceled rides you need to have to be penalized, this will depend on how much and how often you cancel rides, by example, if you have received 100 rides and you cancel 20 of them, you may receive a warning to stop doing it, or if you received 10 requests and you canceled 5 for several weeks you may receive a strike, the system will detect your behavior regarding canceling rides and proceed depending on how often or how many rides you cancel"


    Anyway - cancellation is when you first accept a ride, then go in and cancel it (passenger no show is not considered a cancelled ride)

    I sent an email to Lyft that many times I have to cancel is because when my Lyft app is on, and I am messing around on the scheduled rides screen and my finger is on the screen, when all of a sudden Lyft sends a ride request which I had no intention of accepting, but because my finger happened to be down on the screen when the ride splashed up underneath it the system assumes I accepted it. So I go in and cancell it (passenger too far) as the reason. Al they need to do is make a separate button somewhere in top right of the (scheduled rides screen) so I can click it to refresh. This way when a random ride requests splash up on screen it will not be auto accepted as my finger is on top right not in the middle.

    Or when lyft auto adds a passenger to my que (when I forget to activate Last Ride feature), I will also go in and cancel it once drop off first passenger. Lyft needs to offer to add next passenger like Uber does, not just add them in.

    There will be legitimate times you will have to cancel, I had so me idiot call me 1 minute after I accepted the ride to ask me where the heck I was as I was pulling in to get her, she sounded drunk and stupid, so I cancelled, I do not want to risk getting a low rating from someone like that.

    Or when I cancelled on a passenger with a minor and no car seat. I cancel and Lyft asks why (I say other reason) but it never asks me to provide detail as to why, where I actually would have wanted to provide details

    These rideshare companies need to educate riders Nobody under 18 by themselves, No accompanied minors without car seats

    If only they sent out those reminders every time they send us notices about service animals it would be sufficient :)

    Note: Cancellation is not the same as Acceptance

     Acceptance rate [Lyft]

    Your acceptance rate is the percent of ride requests you accept and complete. 

    We use acceptance rates to determine driver eligibility for certain incentives and help keep passenger wait times short.

    When giving Lyft rides, you have the right to accept or ignore any ride request. You're always free to decline ride requests you don't want, but declined requests will still count toward your total ride requests when we calculate your acceptance rate.


    OK good luck with all the new info :)

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     3 weeks ago in  Why can a rider rate me who has never entered my car?

    So definitely stop starting the trips until they are in the car and ready to go - that is a first!

    You may get a warning from Uber by having to many cancelled trips in short time and a bunch of 1's in a row. 

    If you fall below 4.6, say 4.3 like my uncle did they can kick you off the platform (he was a newbee and made some errors), if it is your first time being kicked off, you will be give opportunity to take a $50.00 class  and then you are back on line.

    I do not bother with water, etc - do not try too hard (why spend your own money on all these things when nothing comes back to you in a way of increased tips), I would not like to have a driver stick their tongue up my butt in terms of trying too hard:)

    Passengers just want a safe ride point A to point B. No need to ask for special ride, just follow GPS (Waze) and take toll road when it makes sense.

  • In Southampton (where I live) it is typically slow during regular weekends, though I see it lit up occasionally at night (Friday and Saturday night bar hours), I avoid driving at that time of the night.

    While you may get a few short bar hops in this area and in or around Warminster (by Walmart) these rides tend to be short and generally unprofitable, again unless you are chasing surges at crazy hours of the night.

    These towns are not heavily populated so rides are further spaced. 

    By your 2nd or 3rd ride you will see you are gravitating further and further soutts (first towards Willow Grove, then Cheltenham, then you are back in the area of Broad and eventually Center City), I certainly would not make it a point to rush empty back from Center City to Warminster/Southampton in hopes of scoring your next big ride :)

    I created a temporary email address where you can email your telephone number if you want, will be glad to chat with you, as I am a very slow typer


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     3 weeks ago in  Philly Airport Surged now.


    Thank you

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     3 weeks ago in  Martha Stewart took her first Uber ride and HATED it!

    She did

    You see that shiny coin on the right side under the seat rail ( a dime or a nickel from what I can tell)

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     3 weeks ago in  Martha Stewart took her first Uber ride and HATED it!

    Was she taking Uber to or from Jail?

    I bet those few pennies were not on the seat rail when she left ;)

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     3 weeks ago in  Philly Airport Surged now.

    What is the staging lot address at PHL?

    I do not think uber will send requests to drivers if parked in cell phone lot

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     3 weeks ago in  Uber Driver vs. Taxi Driver

    Unless the Uber driver makes a single long ride and quits for the day, then Uber driver can say "I just made $30.00 per hour) :), Real average is probably somewhere between $14.00 - $22.00 (on good days)

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     3 months ago in  Two questions that came up in a FB group.

    On Uber platform Drivers have to rate passenger right away when ending the trip, so no way for the driver to know if passenger tipped or will tip, thus no ral way to penalize passneger for not tipping. On Lyft passenger can be rated up to 24 hours after the trip. If passnger did not tip on a long ride I usually go in and rate them 4 stars or less if they did something crazy like brough a child and did not bother buckling them in or bit their nails and left clippings on my floor

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    Also, many students from Rider University go home on Fridays, so if you hang out by campus right off 295 you will most likley be shuttling them to Hamilton Train Station and that is not a bad ride on the highway,

    even if you have to run right back to the university to grab more.

    After Rider runs dry up, after your last drop off at Hamilton, head over to Love's Travel Stop in Bordentown, Friday is when long distance truck drivers go there (because of new regulations where they can only drive so many hours), park their rigs and often need rides home which could be miles away, and Bordentown in General has some riders. Hope this helps for Friday planning

  • on Lyft there is a Scheduled Ride section (sort of like a job board) it displays avaialble scheduled rides probably with pickup somewhere within 10 mile radius of where you are at the moment of looking at that screen. On this screen you will see pickup and drop off locations and approximate fare, so that is an instance where drivers can see destination :) and of course in Destination filter mode, while you can't see destination exactly you do have an idea of general direction since ou are the one who entered the destination filter :)

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     2 months ago in  Using Scammers at the Airport

    I decided to read up on this a bit.

    So it looks like The FCC is aware of such problems and even set up a "Jammer Tip Line" for people to let the bureau know about people who may be selling or using a jammers.

    Found here:


    There is an app to help identify if a jammer is being used, here


    It appears to only work on Android

    A quick search on line also revealed that there are Jammer detectors out there, such as on this video


    Nipping in the ass a few of the assholes using them and reporting to FCC will hopefully help.