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  • Anyone can buy lighted signs, including the fake drivers. They instead need to push a bill to require passengers to verify license plate of the car they are about to get into and maybe to click a box in the app that they verified the license plate.

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     1 week ago in  Don't Trust Uber's Schedule in Advance

    if scheduling in advance I recommend using Lyft, Lyft actually makes the scheduled trips visible to drivers as soon as one is scheduled, so drivers can plan and add those rides to their que. This will increase passenger's chance to actually get picked up, especially if the ride is profitable 

  • when the undesireble driver accepts, you could just cancel immeditely and re-request in hopes of getting a different driver

  • There was a thread on having to gas up, not necesarily running out of gas. I actually had to gas up with a passenger just this past week. I still had 60 miles worth of gas in the car when was dropping off a passenger in the airport when Lyft added another passenger to the que (without any information as to whether it was going to be a long ride or not. I took the ride and when passenger got in learned the ride was over 70 miles long (nto very typical) but it was what it was, so I informed the passenger that we will need to make a short pit stop, no issued there. Just a nature of the best.

  • You will need an XL vehicle, looking at about $160.00 each way

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     3 weeks ago in  Uber Destination Mode Paying 30% Less

    Aceptance rate does not impact anything other than maybe certain promotions for drivers who chase every ping and do 100's of rides per week. I only work part time so I chose the rides I want to do, thus keeping high acceptance rate does not impact me in any way, and neither Uber nor Lyft can deactivate you for declining rides you do not want.

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     3 weeks ago in  Uber reservation process

    What do you mean? You can book in advance, there is a little clock icon

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     3 weeks ago in  Declining Long Distance Short Rides

    But if for gold status you have to keep a certain acceptance rate, would you not lose gold if you decline a bunch of crappy rides?

    Where do you drive ?

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     3 weeks ago in  Declining Long Distance Short Rides

    is trip duration only on for drivers at certain tier level or to all in your market? What market do you drive in?

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     3 weeks ago in  Uber Destination Mode Paying 30% Less

    No you can’t turn it off but you can decline them all 

  • Yes correct, I just wanted to point out that NY was an odd ball

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     4 weeks ago in  What type of transport

    I would get two uber X or Lyfts, send a referral code to one of your kids for Lyft, they sign up get a $5.00 off ride and you get $10.00 credit, you just saved $15.00 on the ride, do the same thing on the second car :)

  • NYC is probably a bad example fro a NJ or PA registered driver, as there a driver has to have a commercial plate, but PA registered drivers can indeed make rides in PA, NJ, DE, and I had one in CT this Sunday (on Lyft though). Uber did not allow me to pick passengers up in MD (I am registered in Phila)

  • Customer's rating will display on the screen during ride request. Look at how many stars the passenger has when the request comes in. On Uber this information is also available after you already accepted the ride, Lyft hides that info from what I noticed once the ride is accepted. Many more 5 rated passengers came out of the wood work on Lyft all of a sudden. All those low rated Lyft passengers overnight became stars agaian, because Lyft decide to loosen the rules how long they keep the low ratings. Many drivers used the passenger ratings to not accept low rated passengers, but now they all became superstars overnight:)

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     1 month ago in  Uber Destination Mode Paying 30% Less

    Next time before claiming to be an expert on a public forum, but instead making a fool out of your self by such statement as:

    "Keep declining/missing rides while online.  Eventually you will be deactivated." 

    I suggest you familiarize yourself with Uber's and Lyft's Terms of service:

     LYFT: Acceptance rate
    Your acceptance rate is the percent of ride requests you accept and complete.
    We use acceptance rates to determine driver eligibility for certain incentives and help keep passenger wait times short.
    When giving Lyft rides, you have the right to accept or ignore any ride request.
    You're always free to decline ride requests you don't want, but declined requests will still count toward your total ride requests when we calculate your acceptance rate.

    UBER: What are acceptance rates?
    Your acceptance rate is the number of ride requests you've accepted divided by the total number of ride requests you've received while online. Your acceptance rate is no longer displayed in the Uber app.
    While it is important to accept trips when you are able, we no longer display your acceptance rate because it does not have an affect on your ability to earn promotions.

    What this means, is no driver will be deactivated for missed ride requests. For the record, my acceptance rate is barely 3% for the past year, beacuse unlike ethical charity worker drivers, who chase every ping, I screen the rides I want to make and only do the ones that make sense to me, (nothing unethical here) - work smarter not harder. See, still within the rules.

    Anyway, that is the difference between a driver who just does OK and a driver who makes out good.

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     1 month ago in  Uber Destination Mode Paying 30% Less

    Look, loser. Uber  has all the data they need. That is what they cited to begin with. So you can take your data and deposit it into the same place you take the shaft from Uber. It is low rated drivers like you who keep eating everything Uber serves you and stay quiet. That is really the data their after? First 30% then 50%.... keep  guarding you data and hiding behind you keyboard, conspiracy theorist.

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     1 month ago in  Uber Destination Mode Paying 30% Less

    Not only do pools never tip, they are the cause of majority of low ratings we get. I do not do pools or shared rides. Occasionally on Lyft destination filter or Uber when no 30% taxations.

    When they stop sending requests I switch to regular Uber and continue to decline requests :)

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     1 month ago in  Uber Destination Mode Paying 30% Less

    Turn on Lyft destination filter instead. 

    I would keep uber on as regular (not Destination Filter) and just decline every Uber request coming my way

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     1 month ago in  Uber Destination Mode Paying 30% Less

    Therideshareguy had an article on this last night listing these markets: I bet the list of actual cities with 30% cut is actually longer, you drive in Pgh and seeing it too, so add all of PA to the list? :)

    30% cut

    Completely eliminated

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     1 month ago in  Uber Destination Mode Paying 30% Less

    I now turn on DF at all times especially when I have no intention of giving an Uber ride, set it to far away popular place in town, and let the requests come in and expire on my screen, if several drivers will do that - uber passenegrs will end up waiting a lot longer for a real driver and hopefully will switch to Lyft or Uber will take this idiotic experiment down. Sorry riders, though you see 8 available cars on the screen - the actual driver who will be picking you up may just end up coming form 20 minutes away. Express your concerns on longer wait times to Uber, and mention that drivers are complaining of the new pay cut :)

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     7 months ago in  Two questions that came up in a FB group.

    On Uber platform Drivers have to rate passenger right away when ending the trip, so no way for the driver to know if passenger tipped or will tip, thus no ral way to penalize passneger for not tipping. On Lyft passenger can be rated up to 24 hours after the trip. If passnger did not tip on a long ride I usually go in and rate them 4 stars or less if they did something crazy like brough a child and did not bother buckling them in or bit their nails and left clippings on my floor

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    Also, many students from Rider University go home on Fridays, so if you hang out by campus right off 295 you will most likley be shuttling them to Hamilton Train Station and that is not a bad ride on the highway,

    even if you have to run right back to the university to grab more.

    After Rider runs dry up, after your last drop off at Hamilton, head over to Love's Travel Stop in Bordentown, Friday is when long distance truck drivers go there (because of new regulations where they can only drive so many hours), park their rigs and often need rides home which could be miles away, and Bordentown in General has some riders. Hope this helps for Friday planning

  • on Lyft there is a Scheduled Ride section (sort of like a job board) it displays avaialble scheduled rides probably with pickup somewhere within 10 mile radius of where you are at the moment of looking at that screen. On this screen you will see pickup and drop off locations and approximate fare, so that is an instance where drivers can see destination :) and of course in Destination filter mode, while you can't see destination exactly you do have an idea of general direction since ou are the one who entered the destination filter :)

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     6 months ago in  Using Scammers at the Airport

    I decided to read up on this a bit.

    So it looks like The FCC is aware of such problems and even set up a "Jammer Tip Line" for people to let the bureau know about people who may be selling or using a jammers.

    Found here:


    There is an app to help identify if a jammer is being used, here


    It appears to only work on Android

    A quick search on line also revealed that there are Jammer detectors out there, such as on this video


    Nipping in the ass a few of the assholes using them and reporting to FCC will hopefully help.

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     3 months ago in  How many riders and passengers can be on a UberPool?

    When requesting pool one has to specify number of riders, driver confirms that at pick up on the screen. This enables the system to plan as to whether driver can pick up another couple or only a single passenger.

    I had the happen to me. Rider requested pool for 1, but there were two of them at pick up.

    I tried changing to two (system told me to make the rider add the second passenger (their friend)

    it is $0.11 more for their friend, so I see why rider stated 1 initially vs. 2. (a lot of money - understandable), eventually she changed to 2, and almost immediately got an add-on passenger for a couple, since system figured I should have 2 more seats available. But for example if the same cheap passenger #1 requested pool for 2 but showed up with 3, and I did not force her to change, my next stop for the couple would not enable me to pick them up. SO it is driver's responsibility to ensure number of riders getting in matches the number Uber was told will get in the car. the screen to change number of riders is right in front during pick up.

    Occasionally I may have 2 separate passengers already in the car, pool up to my next pool pick up, to find party of 4 who requested a pool, I roll down window and tell them basically I can't fit 10 pounds of passengers into my 5 pound car. I also ask them if they selected pool? knowing already they did and tried to cheat system. I ask them how many passengers they put in during request? (knowing they put in for 2 as system wuld not even let you pool as an option if you have 4 passengers in the single party. (because it would no longe be a pool if you r party of 4 took up all seats) of course the passenger claims they put in 2. Anyway I ask them to cancel, they do not want to cancel because they do not want to get hit with $3.75.

    The point for me talking to them is not only to educate them, but to also milk time, so if they do not want to cancel themselves, by time I am done talking to them 2 minutes are up and I just hit NO SHOW and cancell myself, so I can collect my fee. Last thing I need is to drive to them for 5-10 minutes and not even get the NO SHOW fee, because the cheap asses were to cheap to book regular pool.

    I do not do many pool rides anymore because of this hassle and dealing too much with cheap asses who request pool, do not tip (for most part), drag my ratings down (I bet the other two passengers in my car already would leave a lower rating because it too longer) and then cheapskates try to beat the system even further by trying to save $0.11 by not declaring all people in their party, find another driver :)

    Oh yes all that on top of Uber paying drivers less per mile and minute for doing a pool ride vs. regular. So more work (more hassle) = less pay - makes total sense :)