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Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky

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 Posted 4 years, 1 month ago

Cincinnati, OH is my region. It in on the Ohio river bordering Kentucky. The Cincinnati airport is in KY. I can’t see to figure out how to drive in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati. I will be in Cincinnati and get a request to go get someone in Kentucky across the river. Eventually the app will tell me I am not an authorized driver in Kentucky. Then stop sending me to Kentucky to pick people up. How do I fix this? I will take someone in Ohio to the Cincinnati Airport located in Kentucky. After I drop them, I will attempt to get in the ride share queue but it will tell me I am not authorized to drive in KY. There has to be a fix for this. I can’t deny passengers if Lyft doesn’t tell me where I am going. I end up in Kentucky every single time I start driving. Then I have to eat the mileage and time back to Ohio. This is really frustrating. I scheduled an appointment to get a car inspection for Kentucky using the website suggested by LYFT. The mechanic on the phone said I needed a KY address. What? I live 2 miles from the KY border. Why would I have a KY address. Other drivers are figuring this out. What can’t I get an answer?

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