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 Posted 5 years, 9 months ago

hello. Im just wondering if uber is avaible early in the morning like 3:00 am from hamilton ontario to Niagara falls,NYC USA


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     5 years ago

    For clarification, are you looking for a ride to Niagra Fall/metro Buffalo, or are you trying to travel to NYC? While Uber does operate 24/7 in some areas, I don't know how many drivers are available in Hamilton at that hour.  Further, since the driver would have to be carrying their passport in order to travel across the border, the odds of finding anyone who can get any further than the immigration checkpoint is slim/none.  If you can get a ride to the checkpoint, you may be able to summon a new ride on the other side.

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     5 years ago

    It's usually up to driver discretion whether they cross the border.  Uber does serve Buffal and Niagara Falls, but it's also up to those drivers there whether they would want to cross the border to the Canadian side.  (I heard many do though.)

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     5 years ago

    Hamilton has a huge boost in number of drivers.  I would expect drivers to be available.  Hamilton is covered, large enough city, and have multiple airports.  

    Here's an advice.  Try checking your Uber app a week before at 3:00AM.  See if there are drivers at that hour.