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Denied by Uber? Here are delivery apps with easier driver requirements [RidesharingDriver.com]

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 Posted 3 years, 10 months ago

Doug's latest.

"It's Doug, from RideSharingDriver.com.

One of the big drawbacks about Uber and Lyft is that they require newer cars, usually around 10 years old or newer. If you don't have a car that qualifies, you'll have to get a new one or take on an expensive rental.

Delivery apps have easier vehicle requirements, and there's a new app called Deliv that you should check out. They allow 15-year-old cars and drivers who are 18 or older.

Is delivering for Deliv a good job? What are the requirements?

In the article, I talk about how Deliv offers same-day package deliveries for local shops.

It's an interesting option if you're looking to work using your vehicle. Check out the article to see what the job is like and if you qualify for it.

Thanks for reading.

Doug | RideSharingDriver.com"

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