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Fixed Missing, but MPG is in the dumps!

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12 Rider Driver
 Posted 4 years, 11 months ago

Vehicle: 2011 Toyota Camry Hybrid. 129,000 miles.

I do all the maintenance on it. Use Mobil1. Replaced spark plugs at 103,342 miles. I have Techstream software on a laptop with the OBD usb connector.


At about 125K miles, engine started running a little rougher when cold. at 126K I got a check engine light, and noticed also a mild decrease in MPG as reported on the dash. 

Running techstream, it indicated cyl 1 and 3 misfire, and also an "all" cylinder misfire. As I had replaced the plugs, I opted to replace the ignition coils. Bought a full set of 4 at Autozone and installed them. I also ran a bottle of Techron in a half tank.

Engine ran much better, gas mileage seemed to be back to normal (about 32 to 33 mpg), and I passed the smog check no problem.

HOWEVER, now my MPG is way down to 24 mpg (!!!) I think I may smell gas occasionally, not sure. I did have some rough running, including one little bit of severe roughness that was matched with a new check engine light, and a cylinder 3 misfire.

I cleared that code a few hundred miles ago, and the check engine light has not come back, but my MPG is still very low.

Things I am wondering:

Any comments or thoughts are appreciated.