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What is the most popular car for Uber and Lyft drivers?

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3442 Driver Driver Rider
 Posted 2 years, 5 months ago

The Guru Take


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     8 months ago

    No large red. Trucks

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    121 Driver
     2 years ago

    I use a Ford Fusion.

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     2 years ago

    I heard that people stopped buying Prius for personal use because eveyrone now knows it as a taxi car.  Prius' personal sale way down compared to their commercial sale.   

    Not saying that's bad.  They built a nice car that costs little to operate, withstand the abuse of heavy use, and saves money on gas. Good for them.

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      2004 Rider
       2 years ago

      Didn't that happen to American cars like for Taurus that were built basically for Hertz and Avis?  Their sale was propped up by massive rental car deals.

      When the economy turns sour again, people will flock to the Prius to save a few bucks.  Righit now, people just wanna drive cars they want.   Take a look at all those truck and gas guzzler commercials.  SUVs!  They are back!  It's all about how financially secure the consumers feel.