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Grandparents are skeptical....

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 Posted 2 years ago

My husband's parents want to attend our daughter's wedding, but need reliable transportation to and from the DFW international airport from Denison, Texas -- a distance of 76 miles one way.  Both of them being in their 80's, they are very nervous and skeptical of using Lyft or Uber.  The wedding is not until early June.  Would there be a way to find a driver to commit beforehand to both legs of the trip to and from DFW?  What I would want to do is pay the driver extra to meet my inlaws before the scheduled trips.  Otherwise, I am sure they would not be at all comfortable using Lyft or Uber, and consequently, would not come to the wedding.  Any advice on how to do this?


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     2 years ago

    Please note regarding above post:  I am NOT a driver, but don't know how to edit that part of the post.