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Passenger Specific Playlists - One way to boost your ratings.

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 Posted 1 year ago

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Genius and easy way to boost your driver rating.  Trouble finding that perfect tune, categorize them like this guy, i.e. per passenger generalization. Ha!


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     12 months ago

    I have play list set up on you tube red. I can use the following playlists or rider can choose whatever they want.  Oldies 50,  60, 70's.  My personal playlist that has a variety of 70's through present (mostly rock, metal, alternative, 80's rap and some Eminem.  This seems to be most popular. Then I had my 21 yr old daughter make me a playlist (labeled update music), and one for one hit wonders. I dont have a country play list, mumble rap, or hard core rap. In 1750 rides only ever had 2 people ask for country and 2 riders ask for mumble rap (thankfully) on both as I would rather stick  screwdrivers in my eardrum.  I did however put it on for them. Playing good music or allowing rider to play theirs has helped me receive some decent tips. It is also a good topic for conversation.

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     1 year ago

    "white dudes who look like they like rap." LOL.

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     1 year ago

    There are some generalizations in there.  Careful!  Some passengers have real good eyes and peak at your phone. Don't wanna be calling them as wrong age or something